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This is the Top Gift for Singles

Nov 30th

A few years ago on Cyber Monday, The New York Post published an article that caught the eye of many singles entitled, Best Holiday Gift is a Date.

Forget the lingerie or tech gifts, if you’re single, you really want a great date, right?

On a day where shopping frenzy is at an all time high, singles are more worried about finding a date. It’s true that finding a date for the holidays is the number one stress for singles now.

Match says their traffic increases by almost 23 percent during the holidays. They claim that 59.5 percent of those polled said they’d prefer a kiss over a new laptop on New Year’s Eve.

Match found that 48 percent of respondents listed in their poll said finding someone to share the holiday with as their biggest end-of-the-year worry, while only 23 percent said they’re most anxious about finding the perfect present.

As an online dating expert and relationship coach, I agree with their findings.

Cyber-Dating Expert has shown a huge spike since Halloween and many singles signed up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, with the hope of finding someone sooner, rather than later.

Remember, if you’re a single woman who wants to couple-up, there are many single men who feel the same way during the holidays.

Let me help you find your dream date for the holidays and make it a better experience for you by creating your Irresistible online dating profile.

Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker. She was an early adopter of Internet dating and has been helping singles find love online and on their mobile phones for over 20 years. For more dating advice, follow @JulieSpira on Twitter and sign up for the FREE Weekly Flirt newsletter.



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Psst. It’s Cyber Monday

Nov 29th

Cyber Monday HeartI hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday weekend. I know I sure did.

Sometimes the best things in life are free and on this Cyber Monday, we have selected a special gift for you.

I know many of you took advantage of our Black Friday special, but if you missed out, we’ve kept our Private Page up so you can take advantage of 50% off our Digital Love plan.

Details here

If you’re like me, you’re inbox was filled with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, but do you really want to get stampeded in a mall? I don’t think so.

This Cyber Monday, we’ve got something so IRRESISTIBLE for our tweethearts, you won’t even need to open your wallet.

Sometimes, the best things in life are F.R.E.E.

We’re pleased to announce our Cyber-Monday special starting right now for 15 Magic Minutes. This will go through midnight on Monday, November 30th.

Instead of providing a BIG DISCOUNT here and there, we’re offering our 15 Magic Minutes, regularly priced at $67, for FREE to the first 15 people who sign up.

That’s right. We’ll be filling our calendars with profile critiques and answering your questions all week long at no charge to you via email, phone, or Skype. Your choice, all in 15 Magic Minutes.

You’ll get professional advice on what to change in your profile so you’re inbox will start filling up. If you need extra hand holding, all coaching packages including The Flirt, Going Steady, and Totally in Love will be offered at 25% off the regular price on Cyber Monday only, so contact us for more information.

P.S. If you’re single or have a friend who’s looking for love online, let them know our secret about 15 Magic Minutes; Free to the first 15 people who sign up on November 29th and 30th, from your friends at Cyber-Dating Expert. Send us an email to sign up for your free Cyber Monday special.

But hurry, as this offer sadly expires at midnight on November 30th and is available to ONLY the first 15 people who sign up.

All coaching sessions will be conducted in December, 2015 via phone or Skype.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.


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Digital Love – Black Friday Special 50% OFF

Nov 26th

Black Friday

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the company of friends and family.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been questioned over the years about your relationship status at the dinner table. From hearing, “Are you seeing anyone special?” to “When are you going to settle down?” will give just about any single person over the holidays an upset stomach and send him or her running for the hills.

This Black Friday will get a bit brighter. I’m here to give you GREAT news today on this Black Friday. Throughout the weekend, we will be providing special IRRESISTIBLE offers on our Irresistible Coaching packages to warm up your heart for the holidays, with discounts we never have any other time of the year.

As a dating expert and coach, it’s my job and my joy to help you find love this holiday season. It’s time to take the “Bah Humbug” out of your vocabulary and replace it with a cheery, ‘Ho, ho ho!” and a smile.

I’m pleased to share with you the FIRST TIME EVER a special offer for our DIGITAL LOVE plan, which gives you UNLIMITED dating advice via text or email for 30 days! Yes, you can ask me ANYTHING!

I know the next 30 days leading into New Year’s can be stressful for singles. Perhaps you’ve had a recent breakup. Maybe you met someone new and aren’t sure where the relationship is going and just don’t want to blow it. I understand. I’ve been there too.

Our DIGITAL LOVE plan is normally priced at $997 for 30 days. Those who have signed up for this program have consistently said it was worth at least THREE times the amount to have a wing girl at their digital fingertips.

For Black Friday, we are slashing the price 50% to $497!

This isn’t an automated program or something we are hiring interns to communicate with you about your dating and love life. This is a VIP service, where I personally will be answering your texts and emails.

Ready to jump on board?

Common questions singles ask include:

  • How can I tell by his texts and emails if he’s a player?
  • What should I wear on my date?
  • Should I reply to his text? How quickly?
  • Should I invite him or her to my holiday party?
  • Should I have the sex talk and what should I say?
  • How can I have the exclusivity talk?
  • Which photos should I include in my dating profile?

All these questions and more can be answered via text or email during this holiday season at 50% off.

If you’ve just taken your relationship from online to offline, I know you’re hoping it will all work out effortlessly. I feel the same way. Sometimes, you just need that extra help to guide you through the process.

Wondering if you’re his or her one-and-only?

  • How can I tell by his texts and emails if he’s a player?
  • What should I wear on my date?
  • Should I reply to his text? How quickly?
  • Should I invite him or her to my holiday party?
  • Should I have the sex talk and what should I say?
  • How can I have the exclusivity talk?
  • Which photos should I include in my dating profile?

All these questions and more can be answered via text or email during this holiday season at 50% off.

If you’ve just taken your relationship from online to offline and don’t want to blow it, DIGITAL LOVE is for you!

But hurry, this offer will sadly expire at midnight on Sunday, November 29th.

Now you can have your very own personal Digital Love coach at your finger tips!

I know that dating is emotional and every response to a date’s emails or text messages could mean the difference between moving forward to a next date or being sent to the delete file.

Click below to sign up for your monthly Digital Love package with 30 days of unlimited email and text support of your burning love questions.

▪ Are you unsure how to craft a quick introductory email?
▪ Should you send a text to that cute guy who never calls you?
▪ Is your screen name not catchy enough?
▪ Are you in the friend zone or do you need tips to get out of it?

These questions and more will be answered on your mobile phone.

*Irresistible Coaching programs including Digital Love are non-refundable and do not include the creation of a new profile
*Emails and texts will be answered within 24 hours or less

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12 Things to be Grateful for on Thanksgiving

Nov 24th

Thanksgiving Heart

It’s Thanksgiving week and many of you are headed to the airport or are packing your bags to visit friends, family, and loved ones.

Thanksgiving is an emotional time for many. It’s the big holiday leading up to even bigger holidays. The stores are filled with holiday ornaments and often we look for things that aren’t working in our lives.

Maybe your career isn’t on track. Maybe your relationship is uncertain. Maybe you’re suffering from a recent breakup or can’t get over an ex. All of these feelings and more are very real.

However, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. There have been some Thanksgiving holidays that I wished I could stay under the covers. Yes, even the most positive person, myself, has had a few Thanksgivings that I’d like to forget.

Still, it’s a time to pause and think about those in your life. The memories that still bring a smile to your face, the possibilities of the future, and most importantly, think about living in the present right now. As I embark on a road trip to visit my family for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share 12 things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving and hope that you chime in with your gratitude list as well.

12 Things I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving

  • I’m spending it with my happily married parents.
  • I have a huge girlfriend network online and IRL, who I consider my extended family.
  • I have a boyfriend, who I adore, who gets me and is the love of my life.
  • I live in a beautiful place; Silicon Beach near the Pacific in sunny California.
  • I enjoy daily walks around boats and water and watch sunsets over the Pacific.
  • I have helped so many singles find love and have been responsible for many marriages.
  • I’m friends with many of my ex’s and we think of each other fondly.
  • I work out with an amazing trainer to keep my mind, body, and soul all in shape.
  • I’m building a multi-media empire about dating, love, and romance.
  • Cyber-Dating Expert has become a top online dating advice site in the world!
  • I’m getting ready to release the audio book version of my first book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online and have an amazing producer!
  • I stay true to my heart and true to my soul and always come from a genuine place of authenticity.

All in all, I’m healthy, happy, and live in the moment to make each moment special. That, my friends is a priceless feeling.

Gratitude can change your day, your moments and add more joy to your life. So grab your gratitude journal or start one day. Sneak a note into your wish pillow. Create a vision board for your life. Know that the possibilities are endless!

What are you grateful for today?

Please take a moment and make your list. You might be surprised at the results.

On this Thanksgiving, I wish you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam. xo

Follow @JulieSpira on Twitter for Dating Advice

Sign up for the Weekly Flirt newsletter and watch out for our Cyber Monday special!

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Cyber Love Story – Courtney and Jeremy

Nov 20th

Courtney and JeremyMeet Courtney and Jeremy our featured Cyber Love Story couple who found love on eHarmony.  They recently got married in a fairytale wedding, followed by a romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean. It was Courtney’s goal to find someone special to marry and I promised her, she’d find the love of her life. I couldn’t be happier with her romantic journey.

Here are Courtney’s words.

I met Jeremy three months into my 6-month subscription on eHarmony. He recently told me that we had been matched with each other months before we went out and that he was this close to deleting all his current matches when he saw my picture. We had only emailed a few times about dates to meet up for a drink so I didn’t know much about him. I actually couldn’t remember if his name was Jeremy or Jason so I did a panicked email search before he arrived. Thankfully I got his name just before he came through the door at the downtown bar/restaurant I picked.

We ended up talking for a good two hours and he walked with me while we looked for a taxi. It was a great first date- the best first date I had been on in a long time, probably ever. I was cautiously optimistic because he was hard to read. The next day while telling two close friends how funny and good looking he was, I went to check my email and there was a funny message from him! I was thrilled. I might have done a little happy dance.

We met for dinner and then drinks the next week and I went home to LA for a week-long visit the next day. He emailed me mid-week and we immediately made plans to see each other when I returned. From that point on we started dating regularly and finally months later, we started introducing each other to our friends.

It was slow and steady and looking back it was perfect. I’m very emotional and dramatic while Jeremy is more quiet and analytical. He brings out my more practical side and I am constantly laughing at his dry humor. I think we are a perfect match.

Last month we got married after a six-month engagement. The engagement was the only part of our relationship that went quickly! Now we are getting ready to spend our first holiday season together. For the last two years I’ve gone to LA and he’s gone to his parents’ home in New Jersey. Next week we will celebrate our first Thanksgiving together with his family (our puggle Wallis is coming with us to New Jersey) and then we’re spending Christmas week in New York with my parents, brother and sister in-law, and their new baby girl- our first niece!

Thank you Julie for your wisdom and advice. I would not be marrying this wonderful guy if I didn’t follow your Playbook!

Send us your story and we might feature YOU in our Cyber Love Story series.

Do you have an online dating story to share?

Submit Your Online Dating Stories


Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker. She’s been helping singles find love online for over 20 years. Find out how Irresistible Coaching can help you find your dream date.  Follow @JulieSpira for dating advice and sign up for the free Weekly Flirt newsletter.

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