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Borrowed Bling – Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret

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I recently attended a fashion show at the Beverly Hills Hotel and the highlight of the day was meeting the owner of Borrowed Bling. Their motto is “Shhh?Now The Best Kept Celebrity Secret Can Be Your Secret Too!”

I have always been one to share secrets to help make you look and feel better, especially at bargain prices. Is it time for Last Call yet? Borrowed Bling gives you the opportunity to borrow jewelry, purses, and accessories by joining their service and paying a monthly fee, or by purchasing their “copy jewels” yourself. Yes, I said it, COPY JEWELS! Most of Hollywood can be found wearing stunning pieces made with sterling silver that look so authentic, that you would not believe they are not the real thing. The best part is, that no one will know and you will feel like a movie star on prices similar to your kid’s monthly allowance.

I recently purchased beautiful fun and flirty diamond hoop earrings and receive compliments on them daily.

Here’s how it works. You can sign up for one of three monthly plans to borrow these gorgeous designs or just buy a piece or two to add to your wardrobe.

1. The Countess ($29.95)
2. The Duchess ($49.95)
3. The Movie Star ($99.95)

Each level has a different closet of accessories to choose from. Enjoy the video I have put together and check it out for yourself at Tell them you heard about it on the Cyber-Dating Expert site. You will be both be-dazzled and be-jewelled, with still enough left in your wallet to splurge for that glass of fine French Champagne.

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