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Can I Lie About My Age on my Online Dating Profile?

Cyber Dating ExpertYou hear the complaints too often from singles looking for love online, ? “No one tells the truth anymore.” ?I disagree. There are plenty of honest singles out there in the cyberdating world.

A newly single man came to me for dating advice before posting his new online dating profile. He’s tall, successful, and ready to date. But he’d really like to lie about his age to attract younger women.

Read my reply to Mitch.

Dear Julie,

I’m getting ready to sign up for an online dating site for the first time in 9 years. Although I’m now in my 50s instead of my 40s, can I lie about my age and say I’m 48? I look great for my age and want to fit into a search. Women lie all the time. If I tell someone on the first or second date, is that fine? Please let me know what to do.


Dear Mitch,

Yes, singles lie all the time online about their age and offline as well, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Big birthdays are emotional for both me and women. My suggestion is to always be honest and authentic about who you are representing. Would you like to meet a 35-year old woman only to find out that she’s 42? Probably not. While I can’t force singles to be honest about the big age issue, it’s better to start off with honesty in your relationship. It’s just too simple these days to find out through a Google search or Alumni website the true age of most singles who are online dating. If you’re worried that the women won’t find you, take the initiative and search for women you are attracted to. Just like men, women are now visual and profile photos have great value in selecting who they will write back to.

Best of luck with your search in looking for love online.

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