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The Multi-Million Dollar Sex and the City 2 Wardrobe

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn ? ? MMIX New Line Productions, Inc.

It won’t appear like there’s a recession when fans go to see the long-awaited Sex and the City 2, due out in theatres on May 27, 2010.

According to In Touch Weekly, Carrie Bradshaw’s ?wardrobe included 41 costume changes. Some of the designers included Pucci, Halston, and Alexander McQueen. ?Phillip Block, stylist-to-the-stars, was on the set and he estimated the price of the wardrobe for Sex and the City 2 at $10 million.

In the?InTouch article, Block said, “Some of these pieces cost more than an SUV,” he says. “But they get better mileage!”

Sex and the City Stylist Patricia Field had dressed Carrie in Halston in one of the television episodes where Carrie was dating a politician. In the recently released documentary film, Ultrasuede: A Search for Halston, Field?said, “It was a play on Jackie O.”

Krsitin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon will get to keep their new over-the-top wardrobe to memorialize their second feature film. The question to ask yourself is, “What fashion designer will you be wearing to view the Sex and the City 2 film with your girlfriends?”

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Countdown to Sex and the City 2 – Celebrate with Macy’s Girls Weekend

Grab your girlfriends and get ready to shop and celebrate as we countdown to one of the most exciting films of the season, Sex and the City 2.

Macy?s and Warner Brothers have teamed up in conjunction with the launch of Sex and the City 2, scheduled to hit the screens in the U.S. on Thursday, May 27th. Mark your calendars now for “Girls Weekend” on May 20-23, 2010. There will be plenty of exciting in-store shopping events for fashion lovers everywhere.

On Thursday, May 20, 2010, the store chain will be giving away Sex and the City 2 advance movie screening tickets to the first 50 customers in 55 cities across the country who purchase $100 or more.

On Friday, May 21, 2010, pick up your exclusive, limited-edition Sex and the City 2 make-up brush set created by Warner Brothers and available only at Macy’s, redeemable at the Fragrance Bar. ($100 storewide purchase required and while supplies last).

On Saturday, May 22, 2010, for those who have to be the first to see the long-awaited film, Macy’s customers will receive Hollywood movie cash ($8.50 coupon towards your purchases of a Sex and the City 2 tickets at select movie theaters across the country with any storewide purchase of $100 while supplies last).

If that?s not exciting enough, you can even enter here to win a trip for four to head to Marrakesh.

For more information visit

To get in the mood, watch the trailer for the film, perhaps while sipping a Skyy Vodka Cosmo.

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Date Night Beauty Tips

Stila Date Night Collection

My favorite cosmetic choice the past few months has to be Stila. Their lip glaze is so convenient and comes in a variety of fun and flirty colors. A recent visit to their website resulted in a terrific value and look with their Date Night collection.

Stila offers four top sellers for only $34 – a $90 value! Shimmering lids and lashes, luminous skin and sweetly flushed lips and cheeks give you a perfectly pretty look for date night or every night!

Set includes:

Black Diamond Mascara – black with shimmer
Eye Shadow – Kitten*
Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain
All Over Shimmer *3

*Individual compact sold separately.

If you get lucky in love, don’t forget to spread the news.

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The Cyber Love Basket – Valentine’s Special

As we celebrate both Valentine’s Weekend and the anniversary of my online dating book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, we have put together a very-special Cyber Love Basket filled with romantic goodies to spice up your love life. The new, sexy, and romantic Cyber Love Basket will be raffled off on Valentine’s Day at the Love Panel at An Empowered Woman in Bel Air, CA.

What’s in the Cyber Love Basket and how can you be eligible to win?

Attend the Second Sunday Love Panel on February 14, 2010. Receive dating advice and relationship tips from experts Dr. Pat Allen, Julie Spira, and Lucia. Stop by the CyberDating Expert table and purchase an autographed copy of The Perils of Cyber-Dating. The first 30 who purchase a copy of the book will immediately receive a VIP Cyber Swag bag worth over $125 (including a one-hour private massage and olive butter steam hair treatment). Everyone who purchases the book ?will be entered into the drawing ?for The Cyber Love Basket, now worth over $1800!

Here’s what’s inside the Cyber Love Basket:

  • One bottle of Champagne
  • One private coaching session or IRRESISTIBLE online dating profile from Cyber-Dating Expert Julie Spira
  • Five one-hour private massage sessions from Beyond Physical Therapy
  • Hair and Beauty makeover from Steven Crithfield of Claudio d’ Italia in Brentwood
  • Chocolate Aphrodisiac hearts and love birds from Diana Phillips Chocolatier
  • Five private one-hour Pilates sessions from Beyond Physical Therapy
  • One 1-hour Tantra Session from Embody Tantra
  • Two tickets to Lock and Key Events
  • One beautiful painting, “The Power of Love” from artist Sandra Cooper aka R. Vega
  • One 3-CD Music collection, “Straight from the Heart” from SHOUT Factory
  • One DVD movie, “Yoga- An American Journey”
  • Diva High Maintenance Drama Candle Collection

To purchase tickets to the Second Sunday Love Panel, click here>>>

Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters

Arthur Klein, Sandra Cooper, Beyond Physical Therapy, Byu-ti Salon, Steven Crithfield,

Diana Phillips Artisan Chocolatier, Embody Tantra, Lock and Key Events, Klean Bath and Beauty, Shout Factory

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Gone Brazilian – No Visa Required

It?s the hottest trend in hairstyle now. The Brazilian Blowout — the keratin smoothing hair treatment that took over Hollywood last year was suddenly booked on my calendar. I was told it would only take 90-minutes and would be perfect for that last minute photo shoot or hot date.

I had seen photos of celebrities with their new shiny manes and assumed it wasn?t for me. After all, I already had straight hair. But somehow, my hair never looked as good as it did on the day of my monthly visits with Steven Crithfield of Claudio d?Italia in Brentwood.? I just couldn?t do it on my own.

Steven convinced me to try this simple treatment. I figured if it was good enough for Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, and Nicole Richie?s manes? it was worth a try. Who wouldn?t want Jennifer Anniston perfect-hair on a daily basis? The Brazilian Blowout products are even listed in Vanity Fair as Janie Bryant?s favorite shampoo. It was time to go Brazilian.

When I arrived at the salon in Brentwood, Steven greeted me with a smile and snapped the ?before? photo. The treatment started with the Brazilian Blowout Acai shampoo. I was told that these products were similar to those that come from the rain forests in Brazil and actually improve the condition of the hair. No harsh chemicals were used.

After 90-minutes the final touch of the Acai Smoothing treatment was applied to my hair, which was then flat-ironed and ready to go. Thank you Steven for washing the frizz right out of my hair. I may not make it back to Rio this year, but you’ll find me in Brentwood.

For more information and to book an appointment:
The Brazilian Blowout
Master Stylist, Steven Crithfield
Claudio d?Italia
11686 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Julie Spira is the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Visit her at

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Fringe Frenzy

The fringe look is back in the fashion world, although I am wondering if it ever left. ?Accessorizing with fringe can be fun, flirty, and even sophisticated. It’s a fashion statement that you can dress up or down. Here are a few of my favorites to indulge in from head to toe this season.?Try wearing one of these styles on your next online date.


Calvin Klein – Tiered Fringe Dress



Minnetonka – 5-Layer Fringe Boot


Rachel Leigh – Set of Three Suede Fringe Bangles



Betsey Johnson – Ski Bunny Fringe Snowflakes Cascading Earrings



Lucky Brand – Foxy Lady Fringe Crossbody (Dusty Lavender)



Ed Hardy – Peace, Love Tattoos Fringe Scarf (Pink) – Accessories

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Cyberdating Tips for the Holidays

red dress girl

Are the sounds of Christmas Carols getting you down? Is your dreidel not spinning this year?

Here are some online dating tips and some advice to cheer up the holiday blues and help singles make the best of the holiday season.

Cyber-Dating Tip #1. ?GET A NEW LOOK. ?Try changing your hairstyle, go shopping in your closet, and jump out of your comfort zone and put on that leopard dress.

Cyber-Dating Tip #2. ?UPLOAD NEW PHOTOS. ?Why wait until the New Year to show off your new look. It?s time to get some professional photos taken, and upload them to your online dating profile. ?Refresh your look in the eyes of those who will be searching for you.

Cyber-Dating Tip #3. IT?S ALL ABOUT COLOR. There?s a reason Santa is wears red for the holidays. You just can?t miss him. Put away the little black dress until after New Year?s and try wearing bright colors such as red, blue, gold, or ones that will make you shine.

Cyber-Dating Tip #4. JOIN AN ONLINE DATING SITE. If you are not online now or think you should wait until the holidays are over, you may be missing out on meeting that special someone or being invited to a holiday party. ?The period from now through Valentine?s Day is when singles are joining online dating sites in record numbers, some for the very first time.

Cyber-Dating Tip #5. CHANGE YOUR SCREEN NAME. Is your profile a bit stale? Perhaps it?s time for an online face-lift. Change your screen name to one that is more fun and flirty. Someone who may have glanced over your profile during their last login may notice you this time around.

Cyber-Dating Tip #6. GO TO SINGLES EVENTS. ?There are plenty of singles events in every town. Check your emails and local newspapers for the schedules. For Jewish singles, the annual Matzo Ball party is held in 11 cities on December 24th. The Ball is the nation’s largest Jewish singles event in the country, and don’t forget is filled with low-pressure events. Other dating and matchmaking services have dinner parties and dances just for the holidays. Accept all invitations and you just might end up kissing under the mistletoe.

Cyber-Dating Tip #7. GRAB YOUR SINGLE FRIENDS. ?If you are dating online now, consider each date as someone who can expand your social network. ?Invite them to a casual party and ask them to bring a single friend. You might not fall in love over coffee or lunch, but what if they just happened to have a friend……?

Julie Spira is known worldwide as The Cyber-Dating Expert?.?She is the author of?The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Visit her at?

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Red-Hot Beauty Tips for the Holiday Season

Red-Hot Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Red-Hot Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Now that it’s December, we are gearing up for holiday parties. Perhaps it?s time to dare yourself to wear RED lipstick.

It?s no secret that my favorite color is red.? If I could paint my house red without standing out like a sore thumb, I would. I think I?ll save red for the fashion and beauty section and leave my house as is.

Red lipstick is classic and timeless. Wearing red lipstick is the simplest way to achieve a high fashion look.?According to Beauty Empowerment author/speaker Ungenita Prevost, selecting the right color of red isn?t a simple task. Prevost tells us red lipstick, if not worn properly, can send out the wrong message. She offers these suggestions for looking red-hot at the holidays.

One Color Doesn?t Fit All ? Choosing the right shade is the way to distinguish classy from trashy.

  • Very Pale Skin Tones ? Think Nicole Kidman in Chanel. She pulls it off with shades that are lighter and have pink undertones for instant Hollywood Glamour on that special occasion.
  • Light to Medium Skin Tones ? Selma Hayek wears red well in fact being in the light to medium skin tone you can pull off a true fire engine red to look classic and beautiful day or night.
  • Darker/Bronze Skin Tones ? Go with a deep red shade with burgundy undertones. Look sultry and sexy the next time you have a night on the town.

Let Your Lips Be The Star of The Show ? Less is more when it comes to the rest of your face makeup when wearing red. When wearing bright red lipstick, skip the eyeliner and blush. Bat your eyelashes with mascara in black if you have dark hair or in brown if you have lighter hair.

Strike A Pose ? You will look like a fashion model, so make the most of your smile by having whiter teeth. Stop by your local drug store and pick up a teeth-whitening product. If your teeth are stained, a tint with blue undertones will brighten your smile. Avoid tints with yellow tones, as they will enhance the stains in your teeth.

You?ve Got The Look ? Remember, red lips are part of your wardrobe. They shouldn?t compete with your outfit. Red works best with classic styles such as the little black dress, a white pantsuit, or neutral blazer with jeans. If your outfit is too flashy, it will clash with your lips & could tip your style meter to trashy instead of classy.

To Draw or Not to Draw The Line ? Pair you lipstick with a liner that matches your natural lip color and fill in your lips. This will stop your lipstick from bleeding and running. Apply your lipstick then blot with a tissue. Makeup artist recommend dusting your lips with a translucent powder so you can go from day to night.

What?s Matte Got To Do With It ? Now that you know what your shade is & how to wear it. Buy a matte version of your favorite color red for more formal looks. If you want to look less formal, glossy is the way to go.

This beauty post was contributed by Ungenita Prevost. Prevost was named the Tony Robbins of Beauty. Visit her at

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart – Dating Advice for Sweetest Day


Saturday, October 17th is National Sweetest Day. The holiday was created over 60 years ago by a Cleveland man who wanted to show the city’s orphans and the underprivileged that they were remembered.

In modern times, Sweetest Day is a good excuse and time for singles and couples to do nice gestures for each other. Fill the day with random acts of kindness and have a reason to celebrate.

Here are some suggestions and my dating advice for exchanging simple gifts and honoring your online date on National Sweetest Day.

A Single Rose. Bring your date one single rose. It has the same impact as the full dozen.

In Home Dining. Create a date night on Saturday night where the two of you cook together at home. Set the table with candles. If you don’t have time, bring home take-out or stop by the grocery store.

Love notes. Write a love note to your significant other and leave it on their pillow in the morning.

Simple Gifts. Buy a bottle of massage oil or foot massage cream for dessert.

Candy. ?It is Sweetest Day, so pick up a heart-shaped chocolate from your local chocolatier and present it to your date with a bow.

Music. Select a romantic CD of love songs to play in the background for your romantic dinner for two.

I hope you enjoy national Sweetest Day and if you get lucky in love, please do let us know!

Julie Spira is a dating coach and the author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Visit her at

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Do Guys Undress You with their Eyes?

kimberlypostblackdressAccording to Image Consultant and dating coach Kimberly Seltzer, the answer is absolutely yes!?

Kimberly helps women attract the man of their dreams by addressing the way you dress on a date. She believes a woman needs to dress in a way to honor her beautiful figure, and adds that you should wear only the clothes that make the best of your unique shape.?

Other fashion tips include avoid the trendy looks and buy clothes that you will wear over and over again because they make you feel confident and fantastic.?

To attract the right kind of man, she advises her clients to avoid dressing provocatively. Guys would rather undress you with their eyes and leave things to their imagination rather than displaying it all on a first date.?

At the end of the day, according to Seltzer, you want to attract a guy who likes you for you. Dress sexy, subtly, and comfortably.?

Kimberly suggests visiting her favorite online store This high-tech site lets you style and re-style a model using their clothing pieces.?

For more information on Kimbery, check out her site at

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