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Red-Hot Beauty Tips for the Holiday Season

Red-Hot Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Red-Hot Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Now that it’s December, we are gearing up for holiday parties. Perhaps it?s time to dare yourself to wear RED lipstick.

It?s no secret that my favorite color is red.? If I could paint my house red without standing out like a sore thumb, I would. I think I?ll save red for the fashion and beauty section and leave my house as is.

Red lipstick is classic and timeless. Wearing red lipstick is the simplest way to achieve a high fashion look.?According to Beauty Empowerment author/speaker Ungenita Prevost, selecting the right color of red isn?t a simple task. Prevost tells us red lipstick, if not worn properly, can send out the wrong message. She offers these suggestions for looking red-hot at the holidays.

One Color Doesn?t Fit All ? Choosing the right shade is the way to distinguish classy from trashy.

  • Very Pale Skin Tones ? Think Nicole Kidman in Chanel. She pulls it off with shades that are lighter and have pink undertones for instant Hollywood Glamour on that special occasion.
  • Light to Medium Skin Tones ? Selma Hayek wears red well in fact being in the light to medium skin tone you can pull off a true fire engine red to look classic and beautiful day or night.
  • Darker/Bronze Skin Tones ? Go with a deep red shade with burgundy undertones. Look sultry and sexy the next time you have a night on the town.

Let Your Lips Be The Star of The Show ? Less is more when it comes to the rest of your face makeup when wearing red. When wearing bright red lipstick, skip the eyeliner and blush. Bat your eyelashes with mascara in black if you have dark hair or in brown if you have lighter hair.

Strike A Pose ? You will look like a fashion model, so make the most of your smile by having whiter teeth. Stop by your local drug store and pick up a teeth-whitening product. If your teeth are stained, a tint with blue undertones will brighten your smile. Avoid tints with yellow tones, as they will enhance the stains in your teeth.

You?ve Got The Look ? Remember, red lips are part of your wardrobe. They shouldn?t compete with your outfit. Red works best with classic styles such as the little black dress, a white pantsuit, or neutral blazer with jeans. If your outfit is too flashy, it will clash with your lips & could tip your style meter to trashy instead of classy.

To Draw or Not to Draw The Line ? Pair you lipstick with a liner that matches your natural lip color and fill in your lips. This will stop your lipstick from bleeding and running. Apply your lipstick then blot with a tissue. Makeup artist recommend dusting your lips with a translucent powder so you can go from day to night.

What?s Matte Got To Do With It ? Now that you know what your shade is & how to wear it. Buy a matte version of your favorite color red for more formal looks. If you want to look less formal, glossy is the way to go.

This beauty post was contributed by Ungenita Prevost. Prevost was named the Tony Robbins of Beauty. Visit her at

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Kissable Lips

Unless its in the script, actresses smooching on screen do not leave traces of lip color on their co-stars. And neither should we real people. That’s why celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz recommends lip stains to many of her celebrity clients and real-world P3 Beauty customers.

Liptini lip stains are the perfect accessory for kissable lips. The color stays on you, not on your partner-in-kissing. It?s an alcohol free formula and easy to apply. The stains come in 15 colors, some with shimmer, so you can mix your own Liptini cocktail by layering different ones.?

For a professional makeup artist’s tips on how to apply lip stains and get a polished look every time you put on makeup, get Terri’s new DVD, ?The Perfect Pretty Process.? ?P3 is a special way of applying makeup that is simple, quick, and transforming. Check it out at

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A Ponytail for Summertime Fun


beautiful brunette from 60sThe ponytail from the 60s is now the hottest hairstyle for an August day-to-night look. It can go from serious in the boardroom to a fun and flirty look for a night out on the town. They’ve been seen on stars from Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie to Salma Hayek and Tyra Banks.

Wear it low it at the nape of your neck while at work and then show off your mane by wearing it to the side look or wear it higher up and let your hair flow. Not only will you feel younger, heads may turn from those men wondering, Who’s that girl?

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Women in Film Spa Day at Tikkun Holistic Spa


Himalayan Salt Room - Tikkun Spa

Himalayan Salt Room - Tikkun Spa

Being a member of Women in Film International sure has its benefits. Our wonderful membership director, Candace Bowen not only presents the Malibu Breakfasts, but she recently pampered the members recently with a free spa day at the new Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica, CA.

This special haven was recently written up in Daily Candy and is a Korean Spa on the west side of Los Angeles, with a holistic approach. I met spa owner, Niki Han Schwarz who explained that the phrase “tikkun olam” means repairing the world in Hebrew.

Their Korean inspired spa treatments include therapeutic baths and body scrubs with clay, salt, jade, and ice rooms which are available for your enjoyment before and after treatments. Their combination bath and massage services are available in Spa Journey Rooms for individuals and the Private Spa Journey Suite offers an opportunity for couples to share a spa journey experience together. This could make a very romantic date with someone special!

After a brief tour of the facilities, I changed into their spa attire of organic shorts and a top, which are typical clothing worn in traditional Korean spas. I was then led to the Himalayan Salt Room to relax for twenty minutes.

Afterwards I was escorted to the cool down room before arriving in the Korean Hwangto Clay Room-another heated environment for additional detoxification. The highlight was clearly the Herbal Green Tea Soaking Pool. If my body hadn’t completely melted just yet, it certainly did in the hands of my masseuse, Kenny, who treated me to a combination of deep-tissue and swedish massage. Afterwards, I couldn’t resist and made another visit to the green herbal mineral bath, before going back to the real world.

Some of their signature treatments include the Hot and Cold Stone Massage and the Korean Body Scrub which I will save for another visit, hopefully in the near future.

Cyber-Dating Expert readers will be invited to the PRIVATE-Single’s Day at Tikkun Spa on Sunday, July 26, 2009. Join our mailing list to make sure you are invited so you can enjoy *Free* use of the facilities.

For more information, check out their website at

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Eyes to Kill by Giorgio Armani


Is the famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani officially in the film business? Well, not exactly, but it felt that way last week when I stopped by the Giorgio Armani Beauty Boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills for the premiere of their EYES TO KILL volumizing mascara special event.

Along with a friend of mine, I was enticed to check out the new makeup line, where we were given the chance to win either the travel size of their new mascara, a pair of sunglasses, or a watch. We both won the mascara and found ourselves sitting in the chairs with professional makeup artists getting a touch-up before going out for the evening.

EYES TO KILL dresses the eye with powerful, plush, voluminous lashes. Fine fluid Mircofil ™ technology creates intensely captivating lash texture. Micro-waxes combined with a “fitness agent” allows for smooth and easy application, revealing weightless volume. Their unique brush defines each lash for extreme fullness.

The EYES TO KILL mascara comes in four colors: Killer Black, Gun Metal, Copper Brown, and Red Iron and is priced at $28.00. The armed Armani eye…ready to disarm by Giogio Armani. My eyes will never look the same again.

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Plum Eyeliner – The Secret Agent in Your Makeup Bag


The 007 of beauty, plum eyeliner, is close enough to dark brown to seem innocuous on, but definitely different enough for people to notice your eyes look even hotter than usual.

Eyes of any color are instantly flattered when framed by purple. Remember finger painting back in kindergarten? The blend of red and blue makes for a winning combination. The red in purple makes the green and gold hues in your eyes pop (not to mention makes those baby blues stand out), while the blue brightens the whites of your eyes. Urban Decay?s 24/7 eyeliner in 1999 ($16), is blendable and waterproof.

Also check out Smashbox Cosmetics?where you will receive?Free Shipping and Free Samples with every order.

Their JET SET waterproof eyeliner is an innovative gel-based waterproof liner which stays blendable for 60 seconds and then dries to a smudge-proof, budge-proof finish that lasts all day. JET SET is perfect for lining the inner rim of the eye or as a stay-put traditional liner. Glides on effortlessly with ARCED LINER BRUSH #21. Both of these eyeliners are guaranteed not to run down the side of your face by the end of your cyber-date.

Beauty tip contributed by Emily Orofino.

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The Amazing Natural Pumpkin Peel Facial

pumpkinfacialSure it’s springtime, and not exactly the season for pumpkins, but when I heard about the PumpkinPeel Facial over at Great Skin, I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

Solla Pizzuto, their Head Estetician treated me to this service which used the fresh products free of all chemicals. A pumpkin enzyme peel was applied to my skin, and after one hour, my face was glowing.

Included in the Great Skin Facials are stress relief massages of hands, neck, scalp, and foot reflexology. I had no idea that unfiltered whole pumpkins offer over one hundred nutrients. It’s a cornucopia of nutritive wonders perfect for any season.

For more information, contact Solla at Great Skin at or 310-268-2288. Use the Promo Code: Perils and you will receive 10% off your treatment. Gr8T Skin is recommended by

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Love those Lashes

Woman eye

Nothing is sexier than long luscious lashes. These days there are so many products and mascara choices to make, however now all of my friends are appearing with extra long lashes, and they are their very own. Why? Because several products have been created lately which are FDA approved to actually help your lashes grow. All you need to do is put a thin liner on your eyelid once a day and within thirty days, your eye lashes will have lengthened. It’s the talk of the town, so go to your local beauty supply shop or your dermatologist’s office and request one of the many brands that are available. You’ll have more fun after being “winked” on your next cyber-date.

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Chocolate and Rose Pedicure

chocolaterosepedicureIf it’s time to get pampered around Valentine’s Day, why not try the Chocolate & Rose Pedicure treatment at the l.a.vie l’orange hand + foot spa on Robertson. They are offering a Valentine’s Day special with this delectable treatment guaranteed to get you in the mood for love, or at least loving yourself.

You will be pampered with a romantic rose petal soak and a sinfully rich chocolate paraffin treatment. ?Their Valentine’s Day special is priced at $45 and if you bring a friend to share the love, you each pay only $35. Book it now as their special runs through February 14th. Call the spa at 310-289-2501. If you don’t live in the area, go ahead an improvise and buy some roses and sip some hot chocolate. ?Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Charity Pot

You will feel good both on the inside and the outside when you buy a Charity Pot of skin-softening hand and body cream. It’s winter time and more now than ever our skin could use some extra nourishing. Every penny of the retail price (excluding taxes) goes directly into a charitable fund to support animal rights, environmental protection and humanitarian concerns. With natural oils and fair trade cocoa butter, this lotion does a world of good for your body too. To top things off, it’s gorgeously fragranced with ylang ylang, geranium and marigold essential oils.

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