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Countdown to Valentine’s Day – How to Land a Date by February 14

How to Find a Date for Valentine's

The clock is ticking as we count down the days, hours, and minutes to Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl of love.

Valentine’s is about one month away, and whether you’re a fan of this romantic holiday or not, it’s hard to ignore the red candy boxes on display near the checkout stands at the grocery stores.

I know how much pressure Valentine’s Day can be for singles who feel stressed about this high-pressure day. Some of you are probably still recovering from the holidays, where you dodged questions from family members asking if you’re dating anyone special.

If finding a date for Valentine’s is on your list, I have great news. With a little effort and the help of your mobile phone, you can get lucky and find a date by Valentine’s Day or before.

7 Tips For Singles to Get Lucky in Love by Valentine’s Day

1. Say YES to Invitations to Social Events and Parties

People are back to socializing more in person. It’s time to fill your calendar with invites to networking events, golf or pickleball games, or lunch with friends. Whether it’s a business mixer or speed dating event, say YES! Be out and about when you can. Dress up, and wear that award-winning smile of yours. You can search for events in your local newspaper, Facebook, MeetUp, or Eventbrite.

2. Update Your Online & Dating App Profiles

It’s time for some digital housekeeping. Just reactivating your dating app profile isn’t going to cut it.

Your photos need updating, the age range you’re searching for from several years ago should be adjusted, and your search range should expand to a greater distance than solely in your local neighborhood.

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3. Start Swiping & Matching During Peak Hours

Research shows that singles are using, on average, three mobile dating apps. I know you’re attached to your mobile phone, and dating apps are so easy to use you can find a date in minutes, not days.

It’s peak season, now through Valentine’s Day, with Sunday nights being one of the most popular times for heavy activity on dating apps. I always say, “The squeaky wheel gets the digital love deal.” If you’re online, write to 5-10 people a day. Respond quickly, and remember to enable push notifications on each app to be notified when your digital crush sends you a message.

Upgrade to a premium “boost” feature during peak times and rush hour for just a few extra dollars on sites such as OkCupid, Bumble, Tinder, or Match so your profile has more visibility during heavy digital traffic.

4. Check Out Your Single Friends on Social Media

People are still intrigued by the “Relationship Status” on Facebook, actively slide into DM’s on Instagram, and post TikTok videos about their dating activity.

If you know someone is “single,” it’s time to use your digital flirting skills and send a friendly private message. Couples often connect and date on social media, but be careful about reaching out to a stranger when you don’t have friends in common.

You’re here to flatter someone and strike up a conversation. You don’t want to appear like a digital stalker.

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5. Go to a Restaurant or Coffee Shop With WIFI

Are you working from home? So many still are these days.

Why be home alone with your computer when you can be out in public? Visit a bookstore, museum cafe, or outdoor park, and stroll by as many people as possible with your smile in tow. Just because you’re using your mobile phone or computer doesn’t mean you can’t look up and walk about.

Your work regime should include stopping, gazing into someone’s eyes, and smiling to get noticed. Following the WIFI is also a great activity for when you’ve finished a yoga or pilates class in your everyday look.

6. Recycle and Reconnect

It’s easier to reach out and connect with someone you had been chatting with last year than to start a convo with a new match. With that in mind, open up your dating app, and view the conversations that stopped around the holidays. Maybe the person you were chatting with got busy with holiday travel or parties, or their new budding relationship has already faded.

Rather than assume you were ghosted, send a message to your former digital crush wishing them a “Happy Sunday,” or whatever day of the week it is, and ask a question. Remember to add a wink emoji, so they’ll know you’re flirting and aren’t upset that the conversation came to a screeching halt.

7. Text an Ex 

Following up on #6, over 50% of singles have tried to get back together with an ex, with 20% texting a former love on Valentine’s if they’re flying solo.

With that in mind, send a quick “Happy Valentine’s Day” message with an emoji to your former flame. If you decide to do so, do it in the morning and not at nighttime, as they might be on a Valentine’s date, or look at you as a late-night booty call.

It could be a good ego boost to receive a text from a former love interest, to know they still have fond feelings for you.

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Honorable Mention

Remember, although Valentine’s Day is a big day for couples, the day before, February 13th, is Galentine’s Day, an unofficial holiday celebrating female friendships. The day after Valentine’s is February 15th, Singles Awareness Day. Either way, love yourself first on Valentine’s and every day of the year, and love will come your way.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may swipe or roam. xo

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Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

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