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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Jennifer and Brad

bradandjengreenshirtJennifer and Brad originally met online on JDate?.com — the #1 Jewish social scene
nine years ago. ?They had two great dates; lunch at Cafe Europa and then he took her to a Squeeze Concert. Jennifer initially thought that brad might be too old for her as she was 26 and he was 35.

The two stayed stayed friends, and would call each other on their birthdays and go out once or twice a year. In the summer of ?2007 they both were in the same share in a Hampton weekend house. One weekend night they spoke at great length about relationships. The two agreed to go out on a date when the summer was over, but Brad got laid off from his job on Jennifer’s birthday, 9/11 and their date was delayed for several months.

It wasn’t until February, 2008 when Brad told Jennifer that he felt she was dating losers and that the age difference now was a non-event. ?Their first official date was in March, 2008 at Le Refuge on the upper east side.

Shortly after, Jen came down with pneumonia and Brad took care of her. The relationship progressed and the couple moved in together in January. They just celebrated their first anniversary as a couple and have started ring shopping.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Brad, our Cyber Love Story of the Week on It just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to stay friends with your cyber-dates, and that patience is a virtue.

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