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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Kathy and Mike

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Cyber Love Story Kathy and Mike

Kathy had always thought that eHarmony was an online dating site for older, middle-aged singles looking for potential mates. She decided joined anyway to see if she would get lucky-in-love. When Kathy connected with a guy who had several profile photos of himself on fishing expeditions, including holding his prized catches of impressive lengths and weights, Kathy was intrigued. After a few exchanges online, Kathy sent him pictures of herself on fishing trips. Mike took the bait, and asked to talk with her and possibly meet. Since they lived over fifty miles apart from each other, they both weren’t sure if a relationship would develop.? According to Kathy, after just one meeting for drinks, it was “love at first bite.”

Kathy learned that her new love, Mike, was a salt water bass angler. Mike discovered that Kathy was a genuine fisherman who also enjoys hunting. When family and friends ask about how they met, Mike likes to tell everyone that Kathy “hooked” him in with “honey photos of her and a fish.” Kathy and Mike dated for five months before they decided to close the long-distance gap and moved in together. The couples now spends much of their free time fishing and improving on their hook and line techniques.

Congratulations to Kathy and Mike, our Cyber Love Story of Week couple who prove if you fish in the right pond, a good catch will come about!

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One Response to “Cyber Love Story of the Week – Kathy and Mike”

  1. Kathy Kniss on March 26th, 2010 3:55 pm

    it’s true! He’s a catch – thanks eHarmony! You’ll be getting an email about our engagement I’m sure, sooner or later. No big rush, we’re loving what we got. (poor guy, dontcha just pity the fool who falls in love with a dynamite publicist?? hahaha)

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