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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Sandi and Mark

Cyber Love Story of the Week - Sandi and Mark

Sandi and Mark met online on in December 2005. On their first phone call, they spent two hours talking to each other. There was an instant connection. The couple?s first date lasted six hours where Mark brought Sandi flowers, they had lunch, went ice skating, shopping, and took a ride to the beach.

After Mark saw Sandi’s beautiful green eyes and through getting to know her, he realized that she was someone very special. He realized that his heart felt something like he had never felt before. Mark called Sandi after their first date to let her know what a fantastic time he had. He asked Sandi for a second date and they went to San Diego to watch the Chargers play football.

As a die-hard football fan, Mark couldn?t believe that the two kissed throughout the entire game. He realized on the second date that they had fallen in love

Both Sandi and Mark were working long hours when they met and they wanted to find a way to spend more quality time together. The two decided to go into business together in the Wellness industry and formed AmeriSciences, a nutritional company formulating products with Nasa/Johnson Space Center.

On July 7, 2007, Sandi and Mark were married on the beach. It was a dream come true for both of them. The two walk on the beach almost every day together and their love continues to grow.

Congratulations to Sandi and Mark, our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple who believe in love at first sight.

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