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Cyber Wedding Album – Robin and Dave

Robin and Dave – Rochester, NY
Met in February, 2002
Engaged in March, 2003
Married in July, 2004

Met on?

It was Valentine’s Day, 2002, and Robin, a member of checked her Inbox to find an email from Dave, with just the words, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” There was no personalized message or even a profile photo attached to the note. Normally, Robin would have deleted the message, but for some reason her curiosity got the best of her and after she viewed his online profile, she realized that she had noticed him the week before and actually had been interested in him as well.

Robin knew she was moving out of state in six weeks and did not want to start a new relationship. However she met Dave ten days later for lunch. Unfortunately there were no sparks for her, no chemistry, and no pitter patter of her heart. She agreed to go out with him again with the understanding that they would be “just friends.” Dave’s nice guy personality eventually won Robin’s heart. Just as she was leaving town for good, he told Robin that he had fallen in love with her. The following week they went ring shopping, and one year later he proposed.

According to Robin, Dave is the best thing that ever happened to her and she is grateful that he was so patient with her. The moral of the story, it’s fine to be friends with someone, patience is a virtue, and the best things in life are worth waiting for. She never made it to Martha’s Vineyard, but is living a lifetime of love with Dave.

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