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So you’ve started dating someone new, or possibly are even dating several people at once.

Congratulations! Did you know that the more you date, the better you become?

Sometimes, you just need some hand holding during the dating process. Whether it’s trying to decide what to wear on a date, to should you split the bill, or even where should you go on a date, the Cyber Love package, 30 days of unlimited email/texting is the best plan for you.

Think about it, you’ll have direct access to me for 30 days. If you’re having a bad time and don’t know how to leave your date, just hop into the restroom and send a text. If you aren’t sure whether to send a text after a date, or even if you should bring up the exclusivity talk, the cyber love plan is for you.

It’s like having your own personal wing girl at your digital finger tips.

Click here to get started with DIGITAL LOVE with a savings of $500!

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