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Let Me Call You Sweetheart – Dating Advice for Sweetest Day

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Saturday, October 17th is National Sweetest Day. The holiday was created over 60 years ago by a Cleveland man who wanted to show the city’s orphans and the underprivileged that they were remembered.

In modern times, Sweetest Day is a good excuse and time for singles and couples to do nice gestures for each other. Fill the day with random acts of kindness and have a reason to celebrate.

Here are some suggestions and my dating advice for exchanging simple gifts and honoring your online date on National Sweetest Day.

A Single Rose. Bring your date one single rose. It has the same impact as the full dozen.

In Home Dining. Create a date night on Saturday night where the two of you cook together at home. Set the table with candles. If you don’t have time, bring home take-out or stop by the grocery store.

Love notes. Write a love note to your significant other and leave it on their pillow in the morning.

Simple Gifts. Buy a bottle of massage oil or foot massage cream for dessert.

Candy. ?It is Sweetest Day, so pick up a heart-shaped chocolate from your local chocolatier and present it to your date with a bow.

Music. Select a romantic CD of love songs to play in the background for your romantic dinner for two.

I hope you enjoy national Sweetest Day and if you get lucky in love, please do let us know!

Julie Spira is a dating coach and the author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Visit her at https://CyberDatingExpert.com

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