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Peril of the Week – Go Fish or Goldfish?


I spoke to a male cyber dater recently who was proud of his rule of NEVER meeting a woman on the same date as their first contact. One day, a bit vulnerable and curious, he broke his own rule and decided to meet the woman in person he was writing to on his favorite online dating site.

Although he knew almost nothing about her, he thought she was cute and agreed to meet her for dinner at a local restaurant. She freely admitted that she was a trust-fund baby and was subsidized by her parents. The man, who was a freelance writer, was questioned in great detail about his career and was a bit offended when she asked him how he could make any money as a writer. Clearly this was not an appropriate first date question.

He decided to add a little fun and humor to the conversation and asked her if she liked goldfish and she said yes. He then replied with, “I have a bunch of goldfish at home and I took weapons off a ninja toy and started training the fish to use Ninja.” ?He added, that he stapled weapons to the goldfish so they could fight to their death and started a website, for people to pay to watch 10 rounds of fish fights. That is how he made his living, so he told his online date.

The woman, actually took him seriously and told him that she didn’t like people who were cruel to animals. ?The waitress, who had been listening to the conversation and chuckling throughout their date, gave him her number and he ended up having several dates with the waitress.

You have to admit, he gets an “A” for originality and for keeping the conversation going. After that, he stuck to his rule and never met a woman on the same date of contacting her online.

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