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Peril of the Week – Hero in the Dog House

Peril of the Week - Hero in the Dog HouseA man enjoys being the hero in his woman’s life. When he lends a hand to help her and she shows her appreciation he feels good.

And so the story goes about a woman who was dating a man she met online. ?Every day he did something to impress her. When she was a damsel in distress, he was at her side offering his expert advice. In time, he became her hero and he was a happy man. He proudly nicknamed himself, HRH – Her Royal Hero.

Both appeared to be happy until that pivotal point in the relationship. The date when they finally wound up in the bedroom for the first time. All of their pent up tension that led to their first night of passion. He said it was good for him. She thought it was good for her. One would think flowers would arrive the next morning or at least a phone call. However, the morning after that momentous evening, he was no where to be found. No email, no voice mail, no sweet nothings. He simply disappeared.

She secretly wondered, did she rush in to it? Was he really a typical guy who vanishes after he scores? She got mad. While he still had a smile on his face from the evening before, she had no idea. He broke a cardinal rule and didn’t call her the next day.

Rather than crying over spilled milk, she renamed her guy from HRH to HDH–Hero in the Dog House. Did she hear from her guy? Eventually, yes, but only after she let him have it. Apparently, he was just busy and forgot to call. ?The moral of the story, if it’s more than a booty call and you really are interested in having a relationship with a woman you have slept with, ?make sure you contact them the next day with some sweet nothings. An email or text won’t suffice. It’s dating advice – 101. You’ve become intimate. Make sure she hears the sound of your voice, even if it’s only a voicemail.

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Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

2 thoughts on “Peril of the Week – Hero in the Dog House”

  1. Dating 101- A women should not be this uptight! Who wrote these rules?
    Everyone has a story and maybe he was busy. Maybe she was NOT all that great in bed. Maybe she said the WRONG things that touch his Ego.Perhaps she was BAD in bed. Yes this is Reality, meaning “the state of things as they actually exist.”

    Men need to CAVE (Men are From Mars Women are From Venus, Author John Gray). The poor Chap did not stand a chance, she should have just NOT laid into him. I seriously doubt many readers can not blame him for running. It takes 2 to play the game and she wanted sex. And why make such a BIG thing out of sex. A call is the right thing to do, etiquette and manners. But back tracking on how she handled it might refresh her memory of what: “really happened.”
    As your Dr. Pat Allen says a “Women needs sex.” The women here put way too much into this classic case of “Princess in a NOT Fairytale World.” Especially LA…la,la,land.

    Real Rules: Men Always Want What They Can’t Have.
    A Women that is confident, goes with the flow
    Who can afford Flowers in this Economy? Get Real!
    Sugar gets you further then vinegar
    Men always call back some just take longer.

    Sad she lost her -HRH ? Her Royal Hero

  2. Comments and stories from online daters are always appreciated. Yes, everyone has a story and we encourage both singles and couples to share their stories on the site. We will never know what really went on behind the closed doors.

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