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Peril of the Week – My Love is Blue

Peril of the Week
Peril of the Week

A gentleman was a member of several online dating sites. He met a woman online who lived 30 miles away. He was attracted to her photo, and decided to ask her out for dinner.

While perusing the menu, he suggested that they order pizza.

She replied by saying she doesn’t eat pizza. He then suggested a nice chicken dish. She told him she didn’t eat chicken. Apparently she only ate red meat, cheese, chocolate, bacon, and red wine. He was surprised at her reply and asked, ?”Do you eat fish?” “No,” she replied. He asked, “Do you eat lettuce?” Once again, she said no. “No broccoli?” “Never,” she replied.

Meanwhile her pager kept going off during their date, and he secretly wondered if she was selling drugs on the side. He also noticed that her skin had a strange blue tint to it.

It wasn’t a complete dating disaster, but apparently there was very little she could or would order on the menu. Finally, the blue woman said, she needed to leave. She had an medical emergency. When he asked what happened, she said that she worked in a psychiatric ward and helped children with eating disorders.

Perhaps next time, she should order broccoli. After all, green is in.

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