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Peril of the Week – Not What the Doctor Prescribed

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A man I know who is now very happily married to the woman he met on, who?shared a few stories with me recently about his early days of online dating.

Shortly after his divorce he ventured into the world of cyber-dating, and in a round-about-way, he received a timely and intriguing message in his Inbox. Although he thought the email should have gone to his “spam” folder, he decided to reply to the message advertising that he could meet the woman of his dreams on this site. The message caught him in a weak moment and he signed up and started viewing profile photos of women online.

stoneLuck appeared to be on his side as the first woman that he wrote to replied back and they scheduled a date for dinner. Halfway through dinner, his date started to talk about her medical problems (not something that I recommend for first date conversations). His appetite waned as he was listening to her stories about chronic kidney stone issues, and the process she has now perfected in being able to pass them without even flinching. The gentleman tried to change the conversation to be polite and to resume his appetite for the meal in front of him. Then, suddenly his date went into her purse and produced a small medicine vial…..and yes, she had the evidence of her stones as part of her show-and-tell during dinner.

Again a true gentleman, he stayed at the table as she opened the bottle and poured the contents into her hand to show him the true size of her kidney stones. Apparently the woman collected her kidney stones and took them with her wherever she went and was proud to show them to her potential male suitors.

Naturally, there was no second date scheduled after this, but one has to wonder, shouldn’t her doctor, lawyer, or indian chief have told her to leave the specimens at home?

The Peril of the Week was contributed by Scot McKay.

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