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Julie Spira Wins Best Dating Coach of the Year Award

Julie on FOX 11 – Valentine’s Dating Segment

Julie Spira – Online Dating Advice from Cyber Dating Expert on Vimeo.

Documentary – Mobile Love Industry

Quickies – What Do I Do if He Only Texts Me?

Quickies – Signs of a Pick Up Artist

Quickies – What is Catfishing?

Online Dating BootCamp – How to Pick the Perfect Photos

Online Dating BootCamp – How to Describe Yourself to Attract Your Dream Date

Online Dating BootCamp – How to Write an Introduction eMail

Online Dating BootCamp – How to Create an Irresistible Profile


FOX News – Using Google and Facebook for Online Dating Safety

Should I Consider Mobile Dating?

Help! I Can’t Understand my Boyfriend’s Emails

When Should I Meet Someone Online?

Should I Email My Friends to Announce My Engagement?

Cell Phone Netiquette – Should You Use a Cell Phone on a Date?

The Google Rule – To Google, or Not to Google Your Date?

Can a Couple Get Past Infidelity?


Should a Woman Propose Marriage?


When Should You Change Your Facebook Relationship Status?


Should You Kiss on the First Date?


Julie Spira on E! THAT Morning Show

WPIX-TV, New York – Cyber Dating Safety Tips

Julie Spira in a Conversation with Zoosk Part One

Online Dating Expert Julie Spira

Julie Spira in a Conversation with Zoosk Part Two

As Seen on Cyberguy

KTLA News, Julie Spira on Mobile Dating


 Online Dating Safety: Spotting the Red Flags

Why Online Dating is Like a Job


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