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Cyber Love Links

Cyber Love Links

It’s a beautiful spring weekend and time to share some of our favorite stories about dating, love and romance from around the web and on Twitter with you.

First of all, we’d like to thank Ithaca College for the terrific article in their IC View magazine that is sent out to all alumni. The story, Finding Love Online featured my dating advice and tips for singles on the dating scene. Many thanks to our friends at Sparkology for including us in their Dating Experts column in, “How to Politely Say You’re Not Interested.”

My two cents worth:

More often-than-not, online messages are ignored. Don?t start humming to the Nick Lowe song, ?You?ve Got to be Cruel to be Kind? if you decide to respond. Say thank you, but add that you don?t feel you have enough in common to pursue a relationship, or let them know if they?re out of your geographic location or age range.

Of course the hot romantic news of the week was the Friday the 13th announcement of Brad and Angelina’s engagement. There’s no shortage of stories about the ring, but our favorites include CBS News who reports that Brad worked on the engagement ring for a year and Vanity Fair?who announced that the famous ring now has an agent.

USA Today interviewed Steve Harvey, author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which we had featured in our Reading Room. In this article, the cast dished dating advice, both from the film and how they handle love in the real world. Cosmo posted 10 Fun First Date Ideas He’ll Love. Our favorite was sneaking into a matinee. Our friend Natasha Burton posted on Huffington Post Weddings: Should You Follow Your Nose — Not Your Heart–To Find Love. Would you go to a Pheromone Party to find love at first sniff? See what Natasha has to say on the subject.

YourTango reported on Chris Noth’s (aka Mr. Big) Hawaiian wedding bells to his long-time girlfriend Tara Wilson. Yes, there can be happy ending for a 10-year relationship. Sometimes patience is a virtue.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.

The Cyber-Dating Expert Team

Cyber Love Links – Links to Love When You’re in the Mood for Love

Cyber Love Links

We hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.? It’s time to share our favorite stories shared on Twitter and on our site this week.

A timely post from our friends at? YourTango answers the question that mystifies many as to when is the right time to introduce your new GF or BF to your family. ?Is it the Right Time to Bring Him Home for Easter or Passover??They were kind enough to include our recent video, What is Mobile Dating? at the end of the holiday post.

In her Love & Gratitude column, Rita Watson shared her inspiration on Psychology Today with Come to the Table of Love: An Easter and Passover Tradition.

Our friends at Zoosk announced their new Couples Profiles where you can continue sharing your love milestones on a combined profile. Our favorite Infographic this week comes from on Dating in a Virtual World. Find out if gentlemen prefer blondes and who falls in love at first sight the most.

Still nervous about online dating? Apparently Sinead O’Connor is looking for love online. Her profile is on Plenty of Fish and we wrote about celebrities who have joined online dating sites. released their latest Top 10 Cities Survey?that was a hot tweet with results that will increase or decrease your passion, depending on where you live.

Over at, we fell in digital love with this story, 10 Stellar Responses to Use the Next Time Some Rude Person Asks, “Why Are You Still Single?

Our favorite Quote of the Day came from, ?”If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t, nothing will make him stay.”

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Wishing you much love and joy in Cyberspace, or wherever you man roam.

~The Cyber-Dating Expert Team

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Cyber Love Links

Cyber Love Links

Links to love, when you’re in the mood for love.

We’ve gone green for St. Patrick’s Day and are feeling slightly crazy with March Madness going on. We couldn’t let the week end without thanking those who have featured us, quoted us, and share the articles we loved and tweeted this week.

A huge thank you to Jen Kirsch for featuring our advice on Canadian Living in 6 Online Dating Tips and Jenna Birch who asked for my two cents worth on YourTango in March Madness Time: 5 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Loves Sports. Very thrilled to appear on StyleList with the Rules of Netiquette for Texting and had a blast on Planet Love Match Radio with Jen and Josh.

Our friends at The Frisky posted the Official Frisky Girl Code of Conduct worth sharing. My friend Rita Watson wrote a beautiful post on Psychology Today, 13 Romantic Ideas for Lovers.? Match shared the Cities Luckiest in Love in 2011 and on Woman’s Day, you can read, 10 Things Your Husband’s Friends Won’t Tell You.

Don’t forget, our friends at eHarmony are having their Free Communication Weekend, so you just might have a St. Patrick’s date after all. We’ve officially changed our Facebook page to the new Timeline, so check out our new cover and Like us!

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Cyber Love Links – Links to Love When You’re in the Mood for Love

Cyber Love Links - Links we love, when we're in the mood for love

Links to Love, When You’re in the Mood for Love.

March certainly roared in like a lion. Happy Friday. It’s time to take a digital peek at some of the best dating and relationship content that crossed our desktops as we love to share the love.

First of all, I have to say how sad so many of us were this week to hear about the loss of our favorite heartthrob Monkee, Davy Jones. I’ve been humming to Daydream Believer since I saw the news on Facebook,? and thought I’d share the video below as a tribute. I have to admit, I’ve been playing the CD: Best of the Monkees since I heard the news.

My friend Rita Watson wrote about 6 Breaking-Up Styles: Hers and His on Psychology Today, which many of us can relate to. Over at Your Tango, they shared The Frisky’s story 5 ways Relationships Get Drawn Out Past Their Expiration Date, which gives you something to ponder.

On the Cyber Dating Expert Facebook page, we had to share Ivy Date’s post, Why We Kiss: The Science.? My new friend, dating and relationship expert Jen Kirsch contributed to Yahoo! Shine with, Can a Blood Test Detect True Love? I’m wondering just how many men will be lining up to confirm their intentions.

Many thanks to Jen for including my thoughts on digital marriage proposals on Yahoo! Sine in Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Infographic and to the fine folks at Sparkology for including me as one of their dating experts in Should I Facebook Friend Someone Before the First Date.

If you get a moment, we’d love to have your VOTE as Cyber-Dating Expert is a finalist for Best Dating Blog! To keep up with us, join our Weekly Flirt.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.

Have a great weekend and never stop dreaming. RIP Davy Jones.

Julie Spira is an online dating expert, bestselling author and founder of Cyber-Dating For more dating advice, follow @JulieSpira on Twitter and like us at

Cyber Love Links

Cyber Love Links – Links to love, when you’re in the mood for love.

Cyber Love Links - Links we love, when we're in the mood for love

Now that Valentine’s is a distant memory, we’re taking a digital moment to thank some of those who included us in their dating advice stories for what we called, worldwide romance week.

A huge Shout out and thank you to the Miami Herald who featured my online dating tips in “Dating sites become mainstream and focus on more niche markets.” The article features and Jewcier founder Meir Strahlberg, a Miami entrepreneur and friend of Cyber-Dating Expert. Thanks to our new friends at Prevention magazine for “Should you Ditch Online Dating?” and to Rita Watson on Psychology Today for featuring me in her Love and Gratitude column. It was a thrill to be quoted on NBC News: Safely Surfing for Your Sweetheart and to appear on FOX News in three separate television segments.

For the singles dating in college, check out College Magazine’s “Wine and Dine Me: Tips on Being Romantic,” Daily Kansan: “Tips on Virtual Love,” and Campus Explorer for “Rise in Online Dating for Students.”

For your viewing pleasure, our friends at YourTango posted their Ask the Experts Video, “What is Mobile Dating?” Yes, it’s the hottest trend so it’s time to hop on board.

Over at GenConnect, I contributed a guest post, “Still Need a Date for Valentine’s? and gave my two cents worth on Huffington Post in “Experts and Researchers Say Online Dating Has Lost its Stigma,” which has been tweeted 83 times and still counting. Hint, hint. We love the social media love.

Ever wonder who signs on to Missed Connections on Craig’s List? So did The Brooklyn Paper and Digital Trends. Find out how a professor took a deeper look and created a site to help those in search of the one who got away.

As always, I wish you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.

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