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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Vanessa and Ray

Cyber Love Story of the WeekVanessa moved from the east coast to the suburbs of Houston a few years ago. ?She wanted to meet new and interesting people, but was too busy with her job at NASA and didn’t have time to enter the dating scene.

Based upon recommendations from friends, she joined the online dating site as a free member. When she saw Ray’s profile, she decided to upgrade her membership immediately to meet him.

She sent Ray, a foster parent, an email introduction. Ray responded and the communication began.

During their first lunch date, they quickly realized that they both had a lot in common. Both Vanessa and Ray had children from their previous marriages. They also both enjoyed crossword puzzles and exercising.

The two easily blended their families together and two years after their first online date, they were married.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Ray who found love online on BlackPeopleMeet.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Joan and Richard

Cyber Love Story of the Week - Joan and RichardIt was Love at First Sight for Joan and Richard who met on

The first time Joan got married was at the age of 17, shortly after she graduated high school. Widowed after 43 years of marriage, Joan decided to try looking for love online.

She was looking for a companion who treated her with respect and didn?t take life too seriously and joined a few Internet dating sites. At first, Joan was less than impressed with the online dating process.? She thought the people seemed more interested in hiding behind their profiles and e-mailing than actually meeting one another

One day, she joined SeniorPeopleMeet where she was only browsing profiles — that is, until she received an email from Richard.

Like Joan, Richard was widowed as well. ?He was a retired naval captain and liked the way Joan presented herself on the website, with current pictures and ?no sunglasses.?? At age 75, Richard was clearly older than 67-year-old Joan, who wasn?t sure about the age difference at first. Joan lived in northern California at the time.? After some successful phone calls, the couple met up in San Diego when Joan visited for a business convention.? Ultimately, it was Joan?s daughter who encouraged her mother to meet Richard in person by simply saying, ?What have you got to lose??

On their first lunch date, the two heard more than one comment from strangers about what a nice married couple they looked like.? One day after meeting, Joan turned to him and said, ??Is this what they mean by love at first sight?? to which Richard responded, ?Yes, I think it is.?? They spent the rest of her trip together, and maintained a long-distance relationship from October 2008 onward.? In January of 2009, Richard asked Joan to marry him. She moved from Sacramento to Coronado and the two were married in February, 2010.

Congratulations to Joan and Richard who both got a new start at love on Senior People Meet.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Tara and Ryan

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Tara joined the online dating site Yahoo! Personals in early 2001.? She was doing a year of graduate study in North Dakota when she met Ryan who was in law school in Houston.

Tara knew she was moving back to her home town of Houston to finish her graduate studies. She wanted to make some new friends and meet someone, so she posted an online dating ad in anticipation of her move back home.

Ryan saw her profile and answered her ad on February 8, 2001.? The two started emailing back and forth and had the occasional all night chat session getting to know one another, where they learned that they attended the same undergraduate university.

The two finally met in person two months later, when Tara flew home for the Easter holidays. ?A month later she moved back to Houston and they started dating exclusively from that point on.

Two years later, on March 15, 2003, they became engaged and were married 8 months later. Two years later, their daughter was born. Tara believes that?meeting online and communicating in writing for 2 months prepared them both for their marriage. ? ?As Ryan is an Officer in the Army, he was deployed to Iraq for 14 months. Shortly after that he left to attend several Army schools. Basically he was gone from his family for almost 2 years.? Being able to communicate together through writing helped them keep their relationship alive and healthy.

After their online dating success story, Tara’s mother and brother both ventured into the cyberdating waters, where they met their spouses online as well.

Congratulations to Tara and Ryan, as well as to their family members, ?who show us that Internet dating can be successful, in both love and war, regardless of the distance.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Lori and Drew

Cyber Love Story of the WeekLori and Drew met on in 2003. Although Drew called her after their first date, Lori never returned his call. ?He?s an old-fashioned guy looking for a woman to stay home and raise a family vs. someone focused on her career like me,? Lori reasoned.

Lori grew up in a rural town outside of Syracuse, New York, determined not to follow the same path as her mother who had given up her business career when she married Lori?s father. Instead, Lori fled to Long Island for college and spent her young adult life escaping into star-studded big city events as a public relations executive in NYC.

In 2006, at the age of 38, Lori was happy with her career but single and lonely at home. After a rejuvenating trip to Argentina that November, she decided to update her online profile with a fresh faced vacation photo. Three days later, a message from Drew appeared in her inbox.

?Lori, do you remember me?? his email said. She responded in a joking manner, ?Yes, your birthday is February 5th and you give body adjustments.? They had not spoken in three years, yet she recalled the day he was born (it was also her sister?s birthday) and that he was a chiropractor, both of which were not listed in his profile.

Drew immediately asked Lori out again and this time she accepted. Lori had made some transformational decisions that past year, one of which was to ?throw away her list? and be open to date people who she didn?t initially think were her type.

Nine weeks later, Drew whisked Lori away to Los Cabos, Mexico with the intention of proposing to her on Valentine?s Day. They had no idea they would be stuck on the runway for 11 hours due to weather conditions. After 36 hours of traveling and four days of no luggage, the trip ended with a beautiful, serenaded beach proposal. Being in a disastrous situation like this and still being able to laugh was enough proof that Drew was her type after all.

Lori left her career and moved out of the city. The couple had a destination wedding and renewed their vows a month later in a religious ceremony, taking place on the same day as her parent?s 40th anniversary.

The couple now lives in Brooklyn, with their two-year-old daughter, St. Bernard, Thor and a baby girl who will be joining them in July. Lori ended up following a similar path to her mother?s and she couldn?t be happier.

Congratulations to Lori and Drew our Cyber Love Story of the Week who are evidence that you can?t escape your roots or ?type? when it comes to love.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Esther and Tan

SpeedDate was just another application on Esther’s Facebook account. She didn’t have high hopes for meeting someone online. She just wanted a place to meet people and make new friends.

Tan was also a member of SpeedDate, but he knew what he wanted. ?He was looking for a more serious relationship. He sent Esther a message and the two began chatting on the site. After a month, they exchanged numbers and casual SMS messages. One night, during their chat, they both realized that fate had brought them together. They met after a few months, and their hearts melted together.

Esther has not been able to stop smiling since they met. The two will be getting married in February, 2011.

Congratulations to Esther and Tan from your friends at

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Megan and Jesse

Cyber Love Story of the WeekMegan and Jesse were both hoping to find love, but were skeptical that they would ever find it on the Internet.

Megan had tried several online dating sites and was about to give up until she found out that her neighbor had met a great guy on Yahoo! Personals. ?After a few months of dating, she received an email from Jesse who she thought was so darling. Megan told herself, “This will be the very last date that I will ever go on.”

After several email exchanges, Jesse called Megan to set up an official date. ? The two met at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. She was so nervous and had butterflies in her stomach. For Megan, she had met her prince charming and their first date ended with a steamy good night kiss.

Almost two years later, after asking her parents for permission to marry her, Jesse proposed to Megan. At the end of a home cooked meal as?Megan scrubbed the cake pan used for the meatloaf, ?she cursed it and said it was so dirty that she was just going to throw it away and buy a new one. This was Jesse’s cue to end her anxiety. He pulled the engagement ring out his pocket and replied with, “I have a better idea — let’s register for a new one,” as he got on one knee and the rest is history.

The two will be getting married in September.

Congratulations to Megan and Jesse who didn’t give up on online dating until they met “the one.”

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Tyler and Alan

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Cyber Love Story of the Week

It?s true what they say that people pay close attention to the relationship status feature on Facebook. Meet Tyler and Alan and find out how his crush came true in real life with a little help from Facebook.

Alan first discovered Tyler when she was being interviewed as an up-and-coming pop singer on television in Fall of 1989.? ?I?m glad my first exposure to Tyler was her answering questions,? said Alan.? ?Otherwise, I would have just emphasized her gorgeous looks and sex appeal.? Instead, because of the interview scenario, I was immediately smitten by how intelligent, articulate and down-to-earth she seemed.? She was my first true ?celebrity crush? from that point forward,? added Alan.

Later, in 1995, Alan worked in Beverly Hills, California with a friend named Robert whose girlfriend, Tamar, just happened to be best friends with Tyler.? Robert offered Alan the opportunity for a formal introduction, but Alan respectfully declined when Robert informed him that Tyler was already romantically involved with another gentlemen.

Fast forward to 2009.? Alan noticed Tyler on the friends list of an acquaintance on the popular social networking site, Facebook.? Alan sent Tyler a friend request, and Tyler accepted.? Once again though, Tyler was categorized as ?in a relationship.?? To Alan?s pleasant surprise, her relationship status changed to ?single? approximately two months later, and Alan did not waste any time expressing his interest and attraction for Tyler.? After exchanging phone numbers, the romantic chemistry between Alan and Tyler took off immediately.

After close to six months of constant phone conversations and endless emails, Alan and Tyler finally met face to face on December 29, 2009.?? The two shared their now solidified love affair with all their Facebook friends and made it ?official!?

Even though the new couple is maintaining a long-distance relationship for the time being (Alan resides in Northwest Indiana while Tyler lives in Southern California), the two plan on being together permanently before 2010 comes to an end!

Congratulations to Tyler and Alan, proof-positive that sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting decades for.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Dana and Kyle


Cyber Love Story of the Week

Meet Dana and Kyle.

Dana resided in Colorodo and joined the online dating site,? She went on several dates with semi-decent guys, but none sparked her interest. One night, a chivalrous man from Kansas City started chatting with Dana. This man was Kyle and he drove 8 hours to meet Dana in Denver. Within 2 weeks, a whirlwind romance began.

Their first date was on New Year?s Eve. After spending quality time together, Kyle called Dana from the car ride back to Kansas City and told her he wanted to pursue her wholeheartedly. He proposed to Dana on Mt. Evans after a long hike. He wrote his proposal on his hiking sock in a permanent marker, which simply said, ?Will U Marry Me?? The two plan on getting married in February, 2010 in St. Louis.

Congratulations to Dana and Kyle whose faith brought them together on

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Lynne and Dave

CLSLynneandDaveAfter a very odd experience with cyber dating involving a? daytime talk show, Dave was referred to by one of the show’s producers. Several months later, Lynne responded to his online dating profile headline which simply read “I Like Cake.”

On their first meeting at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood, they found they shared a lot of core interests: theater, Scrabble and a passion for baseball. But alas, Lynne had met another guy on Match and Dave was given the dreaded “friends” speech.

Feeling a connection, Dave played the “friend” card as well as he could.? He arranged post-season baseball group get-togethers and stayed in phone contact with Lynne on a regular basis. Dave soon won over her sister and enlisted her as a conspirator.

Dave’s strategy worked. Soon the other Match guy was out of the picture. This led to years of Scrabble tournaments, trips to Texas and Tahoe, and attending over 40 Dodger games together.

Dave proposed at the Neil Diamond concert at the Hollywood Bowl three years later on the anniversary of their first date. They were married on Oct 3, 2009 in Los Angeles.

To celebrate, they invited the all guests to the Formosa Cafe the night before. The Dodgers clinched the National League West title on their wedding day.

Congratulations to Lynne and Dave who prove that by being “just friends” might result in finding “just the one.”

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