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Weekly Flirt – Summer of Love Edition

Cyber Love Story of the Week – Jesse and Curtis

Cyber Love Story of the WeekOn the one-year anniversary of the online dating site Cupidtino, where Apple enthusiasts, find each other, we?re happy to share one of their success stories, Jesse and Curtis.

Jesse, a woman from Northern California had initially emailed Curtis when he was in Palm Springs, CA. She noticed he was in the military and asked him what there was to do in Palm Springs in her initial email. After a few weeks, Jesse gave Curtis her personal email address so they could communicate off the site. He asked for her phone number and began communicating with her regularly.

Their first date was at a Starbucks, where they met in the middle with their MacBooks in tow. They continued their date for the weekend wine tasting, visiting Hearst Castle, and their love affair began.

After eight months from when they first started communicating, including the time when Curtis was stationed in Japan, he was discharged and moved to Silicon Valley to be with his sweetheart.

Congratulations to Jesse and Curtis, our Cyber Love Story of the Week,?who kept their love of Apple at the top of the list while looking for love online and didn?t let distance get in the way. And of course, congratulations to Cupidtino on celebrating their one-year anniversary as an Internet dating site.

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Weekly Flirt – Dating Advice

Cyber Love Story of the Week – Kristina and Tom

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Kristina was on for about four weeks when she met Tom.

“I had been messaging with a few other guys and met only one other in person. When I received Tom?s first message I just had to respond,” said Kristina.

Tom’s message read something like this:

?Hi, I am looking for a good looking girl who doesn?t talk, has lots of ex-boyfriend drama and only eats salad at dinner. From your picture I see you are good looking and noticed you are a Mets fan, which is a bonus. Let me know if you are interested. If not, good luck in life and stuff. ?TOM?

“When I clicked onto his profile his main quote said, ?Three Words: NO BACK HAIR.? I have a weakness for cute, funny guys and he had me at that. Then I went on to read his absolutely ridiculous bio which was all made up, but very well written! I was laughing so hard and messaged him back right away,” added Kristina.

Their relationship worked right from the beginning and instantly clicked. The two were engaged nine months from their first date. Tom?s proposal was perfect and sentimental.

“The beach had always played an important role in my family?s life from the time my parents met at Jones Beach in the 1976,” said Kristina.

She added, “My father passed away on July 25, 1996. The year following his death, we held a memorial service for him at the beach where he would fish every weekend. ?On July 25, 2009, my mom, stepdad, my brother, his girlfriend, Tom and I went to the same beach where my dad fished so we can share the moment with them.”

Little did she know, but Tom had a marriage proposal all planned out and the moment her mom said, ?let me get a picture of you two,? that was his cue to get on one knee. Tom began his proposal with, ?I know you wanted your family to be here for this moment and I wanted to make sure your dad was a part of it as well.? He then continued to say, ?so, do you want to do this??

Kristina and Tom will be getting married on July 22, 2011?the exact date her parents would have been celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to Kristina and Tom, our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple who found love online on

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Krystina and John

Cyber Love Story of the WekJohn had just relocated to Michigan where he bought a new home and started a new job. He didn?t really have time for dating, but still had an online dating profile on CatholicMatch. Curious to see what women were online in his area, he kept his profile active and widened his search to a 500-mile radius.

When John saw Krystina?s profile, he found her to be interesting. He sent Krystina an email to say that he wished she lived closer. He let her know that he wasn?t interested in a long-distance relationship knowing that Krystina lived in Massachusetts. Krystina liked receiving John?s email and sent him a reply, which said, ?We will make it work. I will come to you.?

Krsytina kept to her word and did indeed visit John in Michigan. After her second visit to Michigan, Krystina again took the initiative and insisted they take down their profiles and date exclusively. The two created rituals to cope with the long distance relationship including working out at the same time. ?Sharing things like these encouraged good behavior in both of us,? John said. These are things we can count on to add stability to our day when we begin a new life together too.?

After 18 months of traveling back and forth and spending a lot of money on airline tickets, John took Krystina to Mass at a shrine near Boston devoted to St. Therese of Lisieux. It was at the shrine that gave her the engagement ring and asked her to marry him. Krystina instantly said yes and together they went to mass as an engaged couple.

Congratulations to Krystina and John, our Cyber Love Story of the Week who wouldn?t let distance get in the way of love.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Rosalie and Jeff

Cyber Love Story of the WeekAfter failing to find Mr. Right during her 6-month dating spree on, Rosalie decided to give online dating one last shot.

When Rosalie received an email from Jeff, who advertised in his online dating profile that “It’s nice to know a cop,” she immediately thought the worst and assumed that police officers beat their wives. Three days later, she agreed to meet Jeff for a drink which started their courtship. After their first date, they began to see each other every other weekend.

Jeff won brownie points after buying Rosalie’s daughter her first designer purse. The following year, Rosalie and Jeff became engaged. The two just celebrated their 6th year anniversary. Together they enjoy quiet evenings at home with their four pint-size dogs.

The happy family can be viewed above, along with Rosalie’s daughter Erika at her recent graduation.

Congratulations to Rosalie and Jeff who prove you shouldn’t make assumptions before putting that date on the calendar.

Cyber Love Story of the Week – Sarah and Nathan

Cyber Love Story of the WeekAfter looking at the MySpace pages of friends of friends of friends, Nathan somehow stumbled upon Sarah?s page. He found her profile banter funny and witty and sent her a message inviting her out for dinner. After viewing Nathan?s (ahem) ?colorful? page, Sarah decided that it would be entertaining to spend an evening with an odd character.

They went to a perfectly normal dinner and chatted about perfectly boring things. Sarah was surprised that Nathan?s online demeanor did not translate into a host of quirky personality traits.

At the end of the meal, Sarah said that she?d like a piece of gum. She didn?t have any, though, and there wasn?t a convenience store around. Nathan, thinking quickly on his feet, popped into a retro toy store and proceeded to buy every pack of gum they had. The duo spent the remainder of the evening sitting outside, chewing piece after piece of odd-tasting gums of a different era. Sarah was won over.

Four years later?and still very much in love?the couple consider themselves not only domestic partners, but life partners, as well. It seems that the relationship has had even more sticking power than the gum. Congratulations to Sarah and Nathan, who prove that sometimes love will find you, even when you aren’t looking for it.

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Weekly Flirt – Thanksgiving Edition

Cyber Love Story of the Week – Jessica and Michael

Cyber Love Story of the WeekJessica was so busy with work and overwhelmed by all of the emails on that she almost never met Michael. She had corresponded with a few men, and finally made the time to meet Michael at a restaurant in Oakland, CA.

When Jessica arrived at the restaurant, the hostess informed her that they were about to close. Going with the flow, she decided to wait for him outside on the sidewalk, when suddenly came up to her. She wondered, “Is this Michael?” She started talking to the gentleman and suddenly realized it was another man who had written to her on Match,? who she had taken a pass on. She didn’t want to be rude as the man was rambling on and on about James Joyce, when finally Michael, her blind date, arrived.

She managed to introduce “Dave” the other Match suitor to Michael, and as awkward as that might have seemed,? Michael and Jessica had the first date of many for the rest of their lives. The two were married in September, five years after their first date.? Hopefully Dave found love online as well.

Congratulations to Jessica and Michael, our Cyber Love Story of the Week.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Sheri and Rob

Cyber Love Story of the WeekRob and Sheri met on eHarmony in January 2009. Sheri was attracted to Rob’s sense of humor and ability to be a good friend and companion.?Rob was attracted to Sheri?s fun-loving nature and adventurous spirit.

The two went on their first dinner date at an Italian restaurant, complete with a round of bowling. ? From then on, they were inseparable, traveling all over the country, both enjoying hiking.

On Christmas Day in 2009, Rob and Sheri took a break from the holiday festivities at her father?s house to catch some fresh air outside. As they cuddled in each other?s arms on a deck overlooking a serene snow-covered pond, Rob pulled out a small black box containing an engagement ring and asked Sheri to marry him. Surprised and excited, she happily accepted his proposal.

After sharing the news with friends and family, their thoughts turned to wedding plans. What better place to get married, Sheri thought, than where it all began? The two will be the first couple to marry at eHarmony?s headquarters on Friday, August 6, 2010.

Congratulations to Sheri and Rob, another online dating success story in our Cyber Love Story of the Week.

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