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Cyber Wedding Album – Margarita and Avi

Avi and Margarita ? San Diego, CA

Met in April 2007
Engaged in November, 2008
Married in April 2009
Met on JDate?.com

After 14 years of nagging by his mother, Avi decided to make every attempt and truly try to date someone Jewish. His friends told him to try One day he noticed an adorable blonde holding two small dogs in her hands. The woman was Margarita and Avi hoped that she would reply to his introductory email.

Their first date consisted of dog walking for two hours at 2 am, all the while having a wonderful conversation. Avi was so excited that after their first date, he couldn?t wait to see her again.

The two became inseparable! He never imagined that there was anyone out there that would truly be his partner and understand the real him.

On November 14, 2008, after nervously pacing around the house before a dinner that they were hosting, Avi asked Margarita to give him a few minutes of her time. He held her hand and said how in-love with her he was and how happy she made him feel. Then, he dropped down on one knee, took a little box out of his pocket and asked, ?Would you make me the happiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me?? After exclaiming 29 times ?Oh my God!? and ?Is this for real?? she finally said ?YES!!!!!!!?

The two were married on April 5, 2009.

Congratulations to Margarita and Avi who prove that real love is only a mouse-click away.

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Cyber Wedding Album – Kendra and John

Kendra and John – Denville, NJ
Met in September, 2004
Engaged in September, 2005
Married in September, 2006
Met on

Kendra and John met in 2004. ?They are now happily married and have a 15-month old daughter, thanks to the help of the online dating site, Match.

Congtatulations to Kendra and John, our Cyber Wedding Album couple, from your friends at Cyber-Dating

Cyber Wedding Album – Nancy and Ron

Nancy and Ron – Hartford, CT
Met in June, 2003
Engaged in August, 2003
Married on New Year’s Eve, 2003
Met on

Here’s a very romantic online dating story that I have to share. Nancy and Ron met on Nancy was a single mother of two, and Ron had two children of his own.

After an enjoyable first date, Ron asked Nancy what her favorite flowers and flavors were. He arrived on their second date with a bouquet of flowers that included every flower ?she mentioned during their phone call. He also stopped at Godiva Chocolatier and selected one chocolate for each of her favorite flavors, along with a bottle of champagne.

By the end of their second date, the two knew without a doubt that they would get married someday.

Ron proposed to Nancy while on a beach walk with her and her two daughters. He asked Nancy’s children first if he could have permission to marry their mother. According to Nancy, she felt that Ron knew the fabric of her life like a quilt. They have been happily married for six years.

Congratulations to Nancy and Ron, our Cyber Wedding Album couple from your friends at

Cyber Wedding Album – Bridget and Peter

Bridget and Peter – Tulsa, OK
Met on April 19, 2005
Engaged on May 5, 2005
Married on July 8, 2005
Met on eharmony?

Bridget and Peter had both been married before. They wanted their next marriage to be their final marriage. They both joined looking for love online. When Peter received Bridget’s request for communication on the site, he was at the library. They communicated back and forth and he instantly knew that she was going to be his wife. Bridget said she realized within two days the she would spend the rest of her life with Peter.

The two talked for hours on the phone. The geography got in the way of their first date, as she was living in Tulsa, OK and he was living in Jacksonville, FL. In a very romantic style for a long distance relationship, Peter proposed to Bridget in a video that he sent to her in an email online. When Peter finally arrived in Tulsa for their first date, he told her he knew they would be getting married. Several hours later they tied the knot and have been happily married for almost four years now.

Congratulations to both Bridget and Peter, our Cyber Wedding Album couple who made that deeper connection communicating on eHarmony and didn’t let distance get in the way of true love.

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Cyber Wedding Album – Bobbi and Larry

Bobbi and Larry
Met in March, 2006
Engaged in April, 2006
Married in September, 2006
Met on

Bobbi had been dating online for several years on and off. For the most part, she enjoyed her cyber-dating experiences.

Larry decided to send Bobbi a “wink” on Bobbi winked back at him and after one email and a short phone call, they met a few weeks later.? Bobbi had? a list of “must-haves” and unfortunately Larry didn’t pass the test as his relationship status was “separated” and it was a deal breaker for Bobbi, or so she thought.

By their third date, the couple had moved in together. After six short weeks they were engaged. In only six months the couple who started out with a wink got married. Bobbi was in her late 40s and had never been married before. She knew after the first date that Larry was her pefect match. They are now very happily married and want to share their story in the Cyber Wedding Album at

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Cyber Wedding Album – Kristen and Rich

Kristen and Rich – Ridgefield, CT
Met in April, 2002
Engaged in March, 2003
Married in November, 2003
Met on Match

Kristen and Rich met in 2002 on On their second date, Kristen decided to fix up her best girlfriend with Rich’s closest male friend and the four of them went on a double date. The evening was so successful, that now both couples have been happily married for five years. One online ad, two marriages…..not bad for

Congratulations to Kristen and Rich for being in the Cyber Wedding Album. at


Cyber Wedding Album – Cristy and Kurt

Cristy and Kurt – Palm Beach, FL
Met in December, 2004
Engaged in April, 2006
Married in November, 2007
Met on?Met on Eharmony?

Cristy and Kurt are the perfect example of a happy couple meeting online. Their courtship took a natural path on they are very happily married! ?Congratulations to Cristy and Kurt from your friends at

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Cyber Wedding Album – Robin and Dave

Robin and Dave – Rochester, NY
Met in February, 2002
Engaged in March, 2003
Married in July, 2004

Met on?

It was Valentine’s Day, 2002, and Robin, a member of checked her Inbox to find an email from Dave, with just the words, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” There was no personalized message or even a profile photo attached to the note. Normally, Robin would have deleted the message, but for some reason her curiosity got the best of her and after she viewed his online profile, she realized that she had noticed him the week before and actually had been interested in him as well.

Robin knew she was moving out of state in six weeks and did not want to start a new relationship. However she met Dave ten days later for lunch. Unfortunately there were no sparks for her, no chemistry, and no pitter patter of her heart. She agreed to go out with him again with the understanding that they would be “just friends.” Dave’s nice guy personality eventually won Robin’s heart. Just as she was leaving town for good, he told Robin that he had fallen in love with her. The following week they went ring shopping, and one year later he proposed.

According to Robin, Dave is the best thing that ever happened to her and she is grateful that he was so patient with her. The moral of the story, it’s fine to be friends with someone, patience is a virtue, and the best things in life are worth waiting for. She never made it to Martha’s Vineyard, but is living a lifetime of love with Dave.

Congratulations to Robin and Dave from your friends at

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Cyber Wedding Album – Janice and Mark

Janice and Mark – Irvine, CA
Met in May, 2003
Engaged in November, 2003
Married on September 18, 2004
Met on

Janice and Mark met online on and their first memorable date was in May, 2003 in Laguna Beach. The couple’s brunch date lasted three hours, and they were inseparable from that day forth.

They were engaged six months later, with a very romantic proposal from Mark where he had set a 30 foot long red carpet that led to a 1933 Rolls Royce limousine. Inside the limo, music from Bocelli was playing in the background, as Mark took Janice’s hand and proposed. According to Janice, he took her breath away!

Their wedding took place the following year in Venice, Italy. The wedding featured their children from their prior marriages. It was truly a family affair with three generations sharing, experiencing, living, and loving in Italy.

Janice and Mark are examples that true love can happen as a result of online dating, even after 50. They consider this the best chapter of their lives and want to share the good news to give hope to others.

Congratulations to Janice and Mark who prove that fairytale dreams can come true from your friends at

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Cyber Wedding Album – Natalja and Jim


Natalja and Jim – Palm Beach, Florida

Met in November, 2003
Engaged in November, 2005
Married on March 25, 200

Beautiful Natalja felt she was unlucky in love most of her whole life. Some friends of hers suggested she try? and that decision changed her life. She decided to stop trying being perfect and after a few weeks online she responded to Jim’s email because she could feel the warmth in his emails.

After one month of exchanging emails, they finally met and it was “love at first sight.” On the second date, Jim brought her a pumpkin pie that he made himself. Natalja realzed on that date that this was going to be the man she was going to marry.

Two year later after their first date, Jim proposed to Natalja and the beautiful Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Jim had secretly planted a champagne bottle in the water beachside where they were dining and inside the bottle she found a hand written scroll from Jim asking her to marry him. ? According to Natalja, miracles do happen when meeting online and she didn’t ignore the message in the bottle.

Congratulations Natalja and Jim for being in the?Cyber Wedding Album.?at

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