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Alix Strauss, Have I Got a Guy for You on Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show

Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show

Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert

We’ve all heard about stories about meddling mothers who just want to see their daughters happily married. In this episode of Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show, I was joined by author Alix Strauss, who shared stories from her book, Have I Got a Guy for You: What Really Happens When Mom Fixes You Up. Her book is a collection of 25 mother coordinated dating horror stories, that will keep you laughing and entertained.

Alix shared some of her favorite stories from the book including:

* The woman whose parents created an online dating profile for her on an Indian dating site
* The mother who was searching online, ?found her daughter’s former boyfriend, and reunited ? ? ? them, years later
* The mother who was sure her writer daughter needed to meet another writer

Alix shared her own personal online dating story and I shared one of mine, both who many single daters can relate to.

Listen to the program where you’ll hear more about dating, love and romance in a Web 2.0 World.

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