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ABC’s 20/20 is interested in seeing your Bad Date Stories!

Bad Date

We’ve all had bad dates that border on humorous and ridiculous. Many of you have shared your dating stories in our Peril of the Week. Now’s your chance to be on National TV on the ABC Newsmagazine 20/20. They’re working with our good friends at to find videos of dates gone wrong, the wilder the better!

So the next time you see a dating disaster start to happen and your date heads south, instead of just thinking what you will post in The Peril of the Week on or share on, think of taking out your iPhone or digital camera and start recording.? Make sure it?s obvious why this is an example of a ?Bad Date?…you can narrate if you want….you can ask questions ….you can even shoot yourself too, not just the other person if you like….whatever will make it clear what?s wrong.

It may take some creativity on your part to pull it off; it probably won’t work if you say ?this date is so awful I need video to prove to my friends what happened!?. So by all means have fun…make it playful! But however you can do it, the video should show people what you went through. If I only had my video camera when my date told me the details of his colonoscopy or when another date demanded my pizza crust “to go” on a first date, I’d be submitting my stories as well.

If necessary for television broadcast identities can be kept confidential, but 20/20 wants to see whatever you can shoot. If you?ve ever recorded something in the past, that?s worth sending too. There?s no guarantee that what you submit will be used, but the producers will contact anyone whose story they like.

Please don?t stage anything though, it has to be real. Send your video clips, bad date stories and contact information to and get ready to set your DVR.

Reading Room – The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags [video]

We’ve just added The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags to the Cyber-Dating Expert Reading Room.

The book is a perfect beach bag read and is filled with “Big Red Flag” stories, both from the authors and from readers of their blog, Big Red Flags. In addition, you’ll find a list of Top 10 red flags at the end of each chapter. For anyone who has ever had a bad date or stayed in a relationship too long knowing ?something ?just wasn’t right, this book is for you. You’ll relate to the authors’ stories and laugh along the way.

I had the opportunity to meet with two of the authors Natasha Burton and Meagan McCrary to find out what inspired them to write this book and to find out their favorite Big Red Flag stories.

For more books in our reading room and dating advice, visit and like us at

Peril of the Week – A Sneeze Isn’t Just a Sneeze

Peril of the WeekA woman wrote in to tell her story of how she met her online date at an upscale lounge in Midtown Manhattan.

It was a cold winter evening in the city, the kind that makes your nose run. The two met outside and walked into a very nice establishment, where they sat down and got all settled in.

After some small talk, suddenly her date reached for some napkins and began to blow his nose at the table. When he was done blowing his nose he took his used tissues and just threw them on the floor.

He then turned to his date, as if what he had just done was totally normal and asked, “Would you like anything to drink?”

All she could think was…CHECK PLEASE!!!! Needless to say she never saw him again.

Do you have an online dating story to share? Do you think she should have walked out of the restaurant?

Share your dating disaster stories for the Peril of the Week.

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Peril of the Week – The Donny Downer

Peril of the Week - CyberDatingExpert.comYou may have heard the stories of the “Debbie Downer” on a date. She’s the girl that talks about all of her problems and turns guys away faster than the speed of lightning. This week, you’ll meet her counterpart, the “Donny Downer.” Our online dating story this week is about the tale of the gentleman who came completely unprepared for his date. He didn’t rehearse his conversation on the long drive to lunch.

When they sat down at the restaurant, he first complained about the calorie count of the entrees. She smiled and changed the subject. Then he complained about his bad back and asked her if she had any back problems. He went on to talk about his father’s dementia and his mother’s hospital stay. She didn’t believe in bringing her medical history to the table.

The conversation then switched to the financial and gambling problems his adult son had. She wondered why he thought she needed to know. In between the appetizer and entree, he managed to talk about his two ex-wives.

Finally, he asked her what she thought of Obama as the President of the United States and talked about how awful he was in doing his job as the leader of our country. She preferred not to talk about politics.

Here’s my dating advice for this situation. ?Please leave the baggage behind. Conversations about the ex, financial, and health problems shouldn’t be on the top of your list on a first date. Keep your first date positive, upbeat and light. ?He was a classic “Donny Downer.” Although he might have been a nice guy, he wasn’t about to get to a second date.

Do you have an online dating story to share? For consideration in the Peril of the Week, please send us your stories.

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The Peril of the Week – No Easy Rider

Peril of the Week

Imagine that you’re a busy executive looking for love online and you finally connect with a sexy lady whom you share many things in common such as riding motorcycles. This new date was indeed a true biker enthusiast, since right at the beginning she kept on repeating, “You know, there is nothing like a Harley.?

This was great for the guy who was the proud owner of a nice Harley Davidson VRod, one of the most classic and muscular models on the road. The Harley guy and his date were an item for two months. Things were going well–after all–she wanted a “sensitive, intelligent man but with a bit of bad boy…” and his Harley really turned her on.

One day the Harley owner decided to trade in his reliable, bike for a brand new Honda Goldwing, a high performing touring motorcycle. He didn?t ask for her permission or opinion. He pulled up proudly at his date’s doorstep to take her to a party. “When I arrived she looked at me like I had two heads” said the executive.

At the party the couple met a few other motorcycle enthusiasts and when the conversation turned to bikes, his date kept repeating, “There’s nothing like a Harley. There?s nothing like a Harley.” The executive got the message that his lady didn’t like the new Honda because the next day she was uncommunicative and stayed in bed all morning, despite his attempts to talk to her. Later when the new Honda Goldwing owner emailed her suggesting that maybe she needed a Harley guy, she eagerly agreed. The gentleman-biker was immediately dumped because he traded his Harley for a Honda!

For consideration in The Peril of the Week, please submit your stories to

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Peril of the Week – Pizza Crust to Go

Peril of the Week: Pizza Crust to GoOne day I went on a date with a handsome attorney who took me to lunch at a local pizza parlor. While ordering the gourmet pizza of his choice, he requested that his pie be cooked very well-done. He explained that he didn’t like a soggy crust.

When his dish arrived, he ate a small piece. He frowned and announced that he didn’t like his pizza. He claimed it wasn’t cooked enough for his taste. The date called the waiter over to complain. The waiter assured him that he gave the correct instructions to the chef, but would be happy to have another pizza made.

When the second pizza arrived, the gentleman was pleased. He was no longer being subjected to eating a soggy pizza. He was now a happy diner. However,the waiter and the chef were not smiling.

As a courtesy, the waiter offered to take the price of the pizza off of the bill. This was above and beyond what was necessary. After all, the date did enjoy his meal. Why should it be free? ?At the end of lunch, the date requested a “to go” box to take the few remaining pieces of his pizza crust home in a doggy bag. He also requested to take the remains of my salad as well. He didn’t seem embarrassed at all to have asked.

Women just don’t find the practical side appealing on a first date.

Excerpt from the Internet dating book, ?The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online by Julie Spira.

Peril of the Week – The 2nd Date Shuffle

calendar days

Peril of the Week - The 2nd Date Shuffle

One of the best parts about joining an online dating site is the huge dating pool that is created when you post your online dating profile. However, the downside can result when you get shuffled around like this handsome gentleman did.

After a very successful first date, ?two singles decided to put a second date on their calendar. There was chemistry. It was comfortable. Both seemed to want to move on to a second date.

However, when it got closer to actual day of the date, the woman called and asked if she could reschedule. She claimed she had a conflict in her calendar. The gentleman was happy to accommodate her request and they moved the date to the following week. When she asked to reschedule again for a second time, he was a bit suspicious but agreed to a revised date.

You can imagine how surprised he was when he went to the local deli to pick up a sandwich, only to find that he was replaced by another man she met while cyberdating. She seemed a bit embarrassed, as she should have been. He got shuffled around one too many times and suffered from a case of the “Second Date Shuffle” phenomenon. The interesting part of the story, is that this happened to him once before.

One has to wonder, how many men she was juggling. The man left in frustration and wondered, who will be the next man on her date card.Was it a dating disaster? I guess not as it seemed impossible to get to the second date.?Perhaps he should take up shuffleboard lessons and perfect this sport or just shuffle off to Buffalo.

The Peril of the Week was contributed by David Kessler. For inclusion in the Peril of the Week, send your submissions to

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Peril of the Week – Witchy Woman

Smiling read head teen girl in Halloween hatAnd now, for a ?little post-Halloween humor. A gentleman took the risk and went out with a woman whose online dating profile name included the word “witch.” Out of curiosity he contacted her and they set up their first date as she had an attractive profile photo. Now, we know that men are visual and the right photo will sell them in a heartbeat.

In this case, there was some truth in advertising. On their cyberdate, she described her amazing in-home lab which was complete with ancient glass filled with bubbly brew. She told her date about how she concocted home-made creations. She claimed her witches brew were in fact homeopathic medicines. The gentleman on the date had a spooky feeling during their conversation, and had a hunch there was more witchcraft to the story than met the eye.

For consideration in the Peril of the Week, send you stories to SUBMIT STORY at

Peril of the Week – In Second Place


I recently heard the story from a man who treated his cyber-date to a lovely evening of fine wining and dining. He thought the evening was going well, but he couldn’t help but notice that his date was taking notes on the napkin during the entire evening.

Finally, she slid the note over to him, face down. He wondered if it was a “love note” or if she was writing some poetry to express her desire for him.

When he turned the paper napkin over, the man was stunned. It was a break up note that said, “I can’t date you anymore.?There is another man that I must find out about that I met a week ago. If there isn’t anything there, or if he doesn’t like me, then maybe we can get back together.” ?

He wasn’t interesting in being the sloppy second and went home laughing about the experience.

Ah, those who think the grass is greener may come up empty handed. Time will tell. But it is she who won’t get the second chance.

The Peril of the Week was contributed by VIP Social Events. For consideration for The Peril of the Week, please send your submissions to

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Peril of the Week – Who Asked for a Bar Brawl?


I met a lovely young lady who accepted a third date from a man she met in an online dating site. Now, some may think there is a lot of pressure when it’s time for date #3. More often than not, cyber-daters don’t make it past the first date. So one would think it’s time to be on your best behavior.

They went to a local bar for drinks and as her date was walking to the men’s room, he inadvertently pushed a guy who had too much to drink. Rather than apologize and move on, the tipsy man got angry and provoked a fight with her Internet date. So the moment came where her date had to make that big decision, move on or join in.

Unfortunately, he chose to swing back at the drunken man, and knocked him down. This resulted in a true bar brawl and the bouncer had to kick both of them out of the establishment. Her date had a cut on his eye and drove home in his own car. Fortunately for the lovely young woman, she drove to the date alone and made it home safely.

One has to wonder who was he trying to impress? Now he has been banned from his favorite watering hole and lost the girl.

Do you have a Peril to share? Send your entries to SUBMIT STORY at

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