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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Sarah and Nathan

Cyber Love Story of the WeekAfter looking at the MySpace pages of friends of friends of friends, Nathan somehow stumbled upon Sarah?s page. He found her profile banter funny and witty and sent her a message inviting her out for dinner. After viewing Nathan?s (ahem) ?colorful? page, Sarah decided that it would be entertaining to spend an evening with an odd character.

They went to a perfectly normal dinner and chatted about perfectly boring things. Sarah was surprised that Nathan?s online demeanor did not translate into a host of quirky personality traits.

At the end of the meal, Sarah said that she?d like a piece of gum. She didn?t have any, though, and there wasn?t a convenience store around. Nathan, thinking quickly on his feet, popped into a retro toy store and proceeded to buy every pack of gum they had. The duo spent the remainder of the evening sitting outside, chewing piece after piece of odd-tasting gums of a different era. Sarah was won over.

Four years later?and still very much in love?the couple consider themselves not only domestic partners, but life partners, as well. It seems that the relationship has had even more sticking power than the gum. Congratulations to Sarah and Nathan, who prove that sometimes love will find you, even when you aren’t looking for it.

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