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Top Halloween Costumes for Singles

Wonder WomanGet ready for one of the flirtiest holidays of the year, Halloween! While picking out your costume this year, go ahead and be bold. Edit your online dating profile to let viewers see who you’ll be dressed up as. You never know. You just might get a Halloween date out of it!

Part of the fun of Halloween is selecting your costume and our friends at PlentyofFish have told us that Batman and Wonder Woman are at the top of the list for singles.

The online dating site polled over 500 single users in the United States over the age of 21, uncovers their attitudes towards Halloween this year with most dressing up, as well as costumes that are considered most attractive by the opposite sex.

The POF Halloween survey asked these questions:

Halloween Harley Quinn1. Will you be dressing up this year for Halloween?

Almost 37% (the majority said yes!)

2. Will you be going out to celebrate Halloween this year?

Almost 38% (the majority said yes!)

3. What best describes the reason you go out on Halloween?

The majority 61.3% said to hang out with friends.

4. From the guys: If you were to dress up as a pop culture character/personality, who would you be most likely to dress up as?Halloween Batman

Almost 28% of the men said they’d dress as the Joker. While this is fun, the women didn’t find the Joker so appealing, as almost twice a many women selected Batman over the Joker.

Women will double take on these male costumes:

Batman – 26%
Netflix and Chill – 16%
John Snow  – 14%

5. From the girls: If you were to dress up as a pop culture character/personality, who would you be most likely to dress up as?

Halloween CostumesThe majority, over 38% of women selected Wonder Woman as their favorite Halloween costume this year. It’s a good thing, because the majority of the guys said they’d be attracted to Wonder Woman first, followed by Harley Quinn as a close second.

Men will be spellbound by these top female costumes:

Wonder Woman – 34%
Harley Quinn – 30%
Netflix and Chill – 11%

6. What type of costume do you feel the best in on Halloween?

The majority of singles chose sexy and funny, so grab a fun costume and go out and flirt and laugh this Halloween. Remember to post photos!

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5 Tips to Celebrate Father’s Day with the Single Dad You’re Dating

Father's Day - Cyber Dating ExpertFather’s Day is around the corner and it brings a whole list of emotions for single and divorced dads and their children, as well as what gifts you should or shouldn’t get the new guy you’re dating.

Here are five dating and relationship tips to help everyone appreciate Father’s Day

1. If your relationship is new and you haven’t met his kids yet, let him enjoy the day alone with them. It’s not time to introduce his new girlfriend to the relationship. Go ahead and send a sweet text message in the morning wishing him a “Happy Father’s Day.” He’ll appreciate that you care enough to acknowledge the day and aren’t making the day all about you.

2. If you’ve already met his kids and don’t have children of your own, have a conversation about how he wants to spend the day. Offer to celebrate Father’s Day with him separately by perhaps suggesting a home cooked dinner on a different night or giving him tickets to his favorite sporting event for him and his children to attend.

3. If you have children of your own, don’t insist on blending the families if your children won’t be with their father or suggest splitting the time on Father’s Day between two families. Everyone will feel a bit left out with half of a celebration. Go ahead and let your date know you respect his time with his children and make other plans with your kids and go to a movie.

4. Don’t go buying him an extravagant gift if your relationship is new or suggest going away for a weekend trip. He might feel overwhelmed if you haven’t become serious yet and withdraw from the relationship. Send him an iTunes musical CD if he loves music from his favorite band.? It’s the thought that matters.

5. If you’ve met his kids and see them on a regular basis, ask your guy if he wants to be alone with them on Father’s Day. Then ask him to ask his children if they’d like to go out as a group or just with their dad. They’ll appreciate that you consider their feelings on the day that they celebrate their dad.

Remember, single dads are really interested in meeting women with children. Match reports that single dads are 56% more likely to email single moms than men without children. Eventually if your relationship progresses, you’ll be blending the families on the weekend, but don’t rush into it just yet.

How are you planning on celebrating Father’s Day this year?

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