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FIDM Debut 2010 Runway Show

It’s on the calendar every year. Those with a passion for fashion on the west coast anxiously await for the Fashion Week every March.

One of the treats leading up to Fashion Week is the FIDM Debut Runway show. It’s an exciting time for the students at FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. ?Over?10,000 people view the invitation-only runway show over a period of 3 days.

I attended the dress rehearsal along with other members of the Costume Council of LACMA as one our annual events.

The theme this year included FIDM’s Theatre Costume Design presentation: “FIDM goes to the movies – A Tribute to Judy and Liza,” complete with 2 Judy and Liza impersonators, a chorus line, ?and film clips from their famous movies including, Easter Parade and The Wizard of Oz.

The event is supported by Industry Leaders and the business community. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the FIDM Scholarship Foundation. The event showcases exciting and unique collections from FIDM’s graduating students in Fashion Design, Theatre Costume Design, Interior Design, Textile Design, and Graphic Design Advanced Study Program.

Along with the excitement and festivities for Fall Fashion Week scheduled for March 17-24, 2010, I think I’ll do a bit of spring cleaning in my closet.

FIDM’s DEBUT 2009 Runway Show.

Members of the Costume Council of LACMA were invited to a private dress rehearsal of FIDM’s debut 2009 runway fashion show, held in Santa Monica, CA.

The presentation featured “Chairing Styles” a collaboration between graduates in Interior, Textile, and Fashion Design, as well as FIDM’s Theatre Costume Design presentation: FIDM Dances With the Stars with dancers doing the polka, tango, disco and more. The event highlighted?Project Runway’s ?winner Leanne Marshall and her designs, and ended with a glittering tribute to Mattel’s Barbie, celebrating five decades of fashion and fun as we followed Barbie around the world from Milan to St. Tropex, to The Palace of Versailles to Hong Kong, and eventually back to Malibu, CA.

It was a glamorous event with over fifty models and twenty dancers at the invitation-only event where designers from FIDM talked about their Barbie memories.

Lights, Camera, Costumes

The 17th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition at FIDM

FIDMIt was a very special day for members of the Costume Council at LACMA where several of us were treated to a private tour of FIDM’s 17th annual Art of Motion Picture Design Exhibition the day before the official opening of the two month show.

The exhibition, held at the FIDM Museum & Galleries, highlights actual costumes from the most memorable films from 2008 including The Duchess, Valkyrie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and over 20 other films which were on display for our viewing pleasure.

The free exhibition runs through March 29th and group tours are available.