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The Amazing Natural Pumpkin Peel Facial

pumpkinfacialSure it’s springtime, and not exactly the season for pumpkins, but when I heard about the PumpkinPeel Facial over at Great Skin, I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

Solla Pizzuto, their Head Estetician treated me to this service which used the fresh products free of all chemicals. A pumpkin enzyme peel was applied to my skin, and after one hour, my face was glowing.

Included in the Great Skin Facials are stress relief massages of hands, neck, scalp, and foot reflexology. I had no idea that unfiltered whole pumpkins offer over one hundred nutrients. It’s a cornucopia of nutritive wonders perfect for any season.

For more information, contact Solla at Great Skin at or 310-268-2288. Use the Promo Code: Perils and you will receive 10% off your treatment. Gr8T Skin is recommended by