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What to Do if Your Boss Sees Your Dating Profile

Ask the Cyberdating Expert Radio ShowIt’s bound to happen, you nervously put up an online dating profile with the hope of finding someone special to date, and suddenly it’s spotted by your boss, your neighbor, parents of friends of your kids, co-workers and more.

As a dating expert and coach, I’ve seen this happen to many of you. In my relationship column on Bikini, a female reader asked this question.

Q: I caught my boss checking me out on a dating website? I’m not sure if I should be excited or disturbed

A: Of course your boss is on a dating site or a mobile app. So are you and over 50 million other singles, including people who don’t know about your relationship status. It does feel like a creepy boundary issue, doesn’t it?  Chances are your boss was scrolling through hundreds of profiles photos in your geographic area and your familiar face popped up on the screen or on his mobile phone, so it was natural to take a peek at your profile.

So many sites allow you to see who has viewed your profile, so this isn’t unusual. Before you start comparing bad dates with your superior, my best advice is to ignore it. Then take matters into your own hands and block your boss from viewing your profile. I call it digital housekeeping. This way he or she won’t appear in your search and you won’t appear in theirs.

Both of you now know you’re on the same dating site and it could be just as uncomfortable for him or her as well. If your boss happens to mention viewing your profile, don’t have a meltdown. Just say, you’re single and dating and can’t think of a better way to meet someone outside of work than by joining an online dating site and mobile dating apps.

At some point, you’ll meet an amazing guy and will be taking your profile down anyway.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may swipe or roam. xo

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Helping Singles Find an Internet Date for Valentine’s


February 10, 2011

Our Irresistible Valentine’s Celebration is red hot and it’s continuing every day through February 14th.

Join me on Thursday, February 10th on WLW in Cincinnati, where I’ll be a guest on the Marc Amazon show at 11pm/EST, 8pm/PST. We’ll be talking about last minute romantic gifts and how to find a date to spend Valentine’s with this year.

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The festivities will conclude on Valentine’s Day with a morning appearance on TRN-FM on The Mancow Radio Show at 7:30am/CST and a lively debate on Valentine’s Day on BBC at midnight in London (4pm/PST)? on the Tony Livesely Show in “Can You Find Love on the Internet?” This will be my third year in a row providing online dating advice on BBC Radio, so I hope you tune in and hear what they think about online dating in the U.K.

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