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Lip Gloss Worth a Kiss or Two

Every one in a while I come across a new lip gloss that’s guaranteed to stay on your lips throughout the day. When I found the double-ended mix-and match lipgloss from tarte, which claimed to be a moisture-rich gloss duo to hydrate the lips, it was worth trying.

Of course, the quote on the box got my attention, which said “Breaking up’s not hard to do when you’ve got a gloss that splits in two!”

Tarte supergloss comes in colors such as Pip & Estella, along with the associated and flirty quote, “Estella always kept her admirer guessing with her patented pout. Exceed expectations, one kiss at a time.”

Other famous duos include Fred & Ginger, Romeo & Juliet, Luke & Laura, Rhett & Scarlet, and Anthony & Cleopatra.

It’s worth the purchase to perk up your spirit along with your lips. Added bonus: You can break apart the duo and mix and match the colors while you’re dreaming about your next kiss.

Try their new beach set, featuring Gidget & Moondoggie (pale pink & shimmery sand)
Frankie & Annette (coral pink & watermelon)
Zack & Kelly (peachy pink & cotton candy)

tarte sunglosses Double-Ended Lipglosses Set 1 set