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25 Twitter Secrets to Finding Love Online

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It was an honor and joy to be included with 45 relationship experts in the Magnetizing Love Telesummit. The best part of my conversation with Julie-Anne Shapiro was the live tweeting of the event, so if you missed the call, check out the 25 best tweets and feel free to retweet and share the love.

You can still sign up to listen to all of the recordings here.

1. Don’t look online to replace a lost love. Work on yourself first. #quote #juliespira #relationships #dating

2. Enjoy your singleness and know the journey starts with you before beginning online dating. #quote #juliespira #relationships

3. Explore the common values and spiritual growth of potential partners. #quote #juliespira #dating #relationships

4. Don’t think you know you’ll marry someone after 1 date, start a journey and take time. #quote #juliespira #relationships

5. Meeting someone new, take time and get to know them-family background, how they treat you. #quote #juliespira #relationships

6. Over 40 Million singles looking online for love. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating #dating

7. An irresistible online dating profile: great photos, like an ad for yourself.#quote #juliespira #onlinedating

8. For your online dating name use your passion and create interest i.e. pianobaby #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

9. Online dating profile should not be a novel length description–overwhelming, drama. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

10. Online dating profile shouldn’t have photos of children, no sexy photos. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

11. Online dating profile should include your passions, such as recent concert or movie. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

12. Online dating profiles shouldn’t include cliches like beach walks State what makes you happy. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

13. Taking online dates to offline starts with only a few emails but after a week move to phone. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

14. Within a week of the phone call, meet the person in a public place. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

15. Avoid texting as a way to make a date, do it on the phone. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

16. Hearing their voice is important, so texting isn’t the best way. Phone is better. #quote #juliespira #dating

17. Googling someone can cause you to jump to conclusions cause everything isn’t accurate online. #quote #juliespira #dating

18. Telling someone you have Googled them makes you look like a stalker and puts them off. #quote #juliespira #dating

19. You don’t kiss and tell, you don’t Google and tell It becomes awkward. #quote #juliespira #dating

20. Don’t send a facebook friends request before or after a first date. #quote #juliespira #relationships

21. Keeping dates organized, spreadsheet of important facts. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

22. You can color code your spreadsheet of dates for the ones you are most interested in. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

23. Login to dating sites 1/2 hr 3 days a week, then check in every day. #quote #juliespira #onlinedating

24. Never discuss the ex, money issues-switch the conversation to other things. #quote #juliespira

25. Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam #quote #juliespira

Secrets to Finding Love Online

40 Love Experts Helping You Find Your Soul Mate

Julie Spira - Finding Love OnlineIt’s summer time and the perfect time to fall in love.

You’ll be sitting in outdoor cafes, dressing without your winter wardrobe, and we’ll help you with your flirting skills to attract and magnetize the man or woman of your dreams and teach you the tips to keep him or her interested.

I know it may seem to good to be true. Maybe you don’t believe in soul mates anymore, but if you had the opportunity to hear from 40 of the leading experts about love, wouldn’t you take a moment from your busy work schedule to listen in?

I’m super-excited to let you know that I’ll be teaching singles the secrets to finding love online on July 13, 2012, but before that, take a look at the incredible relationship experts in the Magnetizing Love series. You can still have the opportunity to listen to each and everyone of us.

Some of the dating and relationship experts include Arielle Ford, Dr. Pat Allen, Orna and Matthew Walters, Mary Morrissey, and more.

Click here ?for more details and let’s make this your summer of love. Let this be the summer for you to remember.


Julie Spira is the leading online dating expert and coaches singles on finding love on the Internet. She’s the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online and creates irresistible profiles for singles who are looking for a serious relationship. For more dating advice, sign up for our Weekly Flirt newsletter and like us at