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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Gail and Daniel


Cyber Love Story of the Week

Gail joined the online dating site? in July of 2005. She wan’t really looking for someone and had not been cyberdating for a while. Daniel contacted Gail, and at first glance she wasn’t interested in him. When she realized that they had some mutual friends in common, including the local minister, she decided to check into it further.

When she was told that Daniel was a great guy by her Minister, she agreed to meet him for coffee. That first date lasted for hours and so she says, the rest is history. They both knew after a few months of dating that they would get married someday. Everything just clicked for the two of them.

After 9 months of dating, Gail and Daniel got engaged. Two years after they ?met, the were married in a small ceremony by the same Minister that gave Brad the vote of approval in the back yard of their new home. It was second marriage for both of them and they both truly believe they were lucky to find someone who shared their same values.

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