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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Kristina and Tom

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Kristina was on for about four weeks when she met Tom.

“I had been messaging with a few other guys and met only one other in person. When I received Tom?s first message I just had to respond,” said Kristina.

Tom’s message read something like this:

?Hi, I am looking for a good looking girl who doesn?t talk, has lots of ex-boyfriend drama and only eats salad at dinner. From your picture I see you are good looking and noticed you are a Mets fan, which is a bonus. Let me know if you are interested. If not, good luck in life and stuff. ?TOM?

“When I clicked onto his profile his main quote said, ?Three Words: NO BACK HAIR.? I have a weakness for cute, funny guys and he had me at that. Then I went on to read his absolutely ridiculous bio which was all made up, but very well written! I was laughing so hard and messaged him back right away,” added Kristina.

Their relationship worked right from the beginning and instantly clicked. The two were engaged nine months from their first date. Tom?s proposal was perfect and sentimental.

“The beach had always played an important role in my family?s life from the time my parents met at Jones Beach in the 1976,” said Kristina.

She added, “My father passed away on July 25, 1996. The year following his death, we held a memorial service for him at the beach where he would fish every weekend. ?On July 25, 2009, my mom, stepdad, my brother, his girlfriend, Tom and I went to the same beach where my dad fished so we can share the moment with them.”

Little did she know, but Tom had a marriage proposal all planned out and the moment her mom said, ?let me get a picture of you two,? that was his cue to get on one knee. Tom began his proposal with, ?I know you wanted your family to be here for this moment and I wanted to make sure your dad was a part of it as well.? He then continued to say, ?so, do you want to do this??

Kristina and Tom will be getting married on July 22, 2011?the exact date her parents would have been celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to Kristina and Tom, our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple who found love online on

Do you have an online dating story to share?

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Peril of the Week – A Sneeze Isn’t Just a Sneeze

Peril of the WeekA woman wrote in to tell her story of how she met her online date at an upscale lounge in Midtown Manhattan.

It was a cold winter evening in the city, the kind that makes your nose run. The two met outside and walked into a very nice establishment, where they sat down and got all settled in.

After some small talk, suddenly her date reached for some napkins and began to blow his nose at the table. When he was done blowing his nose he took his used tissues and just threw them on the floor.

He then turned to his date, as if what he had just done was totally normal and asked, “Would you like anything to drink?”

All she could think was…CHECK PLEASE!!!! Needless to say she never saw him again.

Do you have an online dating story to share? Do you think she should have walked out of the restaurant?

Share your dating disaster stories for the Peril of the Week.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Rosalie and Jeff

Cyber Love Story of the WeekAfter failing to find Mr. Right during her 6-month dating spree on, Rosalie decided to give online dating one last shot.

When Rosalie received an email from Jeff, who advertised in his online dating profile that “It’s nice to know a cop,” she immediately thought the worst and assumed that police officers beat their wives. Three days later, she agreed to meet Jeff for a drink which started their courtship. After their first date, they began to see each other every other weekend.

Jeff won brownie points after buying Rosalie’s daughter her first designer purse. The following year, Rosalie and Jeff became engaged. The two just celebrated their 6th year anniversary. Together they enjoy quiet evenings at home with their four pint-size dogs.

The happy family can be viewed above, along with Rosalie’s daughter Erika at her recent graduation.

Congratulations to Rosalie and Jeff who prove you shouldn’t make assumptions before putting that date on the calendar.

Peril of the Week – Must Love Bears

Peril of the Week - Must Love BearsContributed by Nancy Brook

After breaking up with my latest boyfriend four years ago, I decided the best way to stop moping about him was to start dating new men. Internet dating provided the perfect opportunity to start finding someone new.

I had dated online before, and I always had plenty of winks and emails. The problem was I didn’t want to date many of these men. I longed for the whole package, someone near my age, smart, accomplished, handsome, athletic and fun.

When I met Dirk, he seemed perfect. He was cute, smart, funny, easy to talk to and very interested in me. The night before I met Dirk, I had a date with a handsome chiropractor, but I couldn?t keep my attention on him. (Maybe it was the dark glasses he wore throughout our dinner.)

I cut the evening short with the doctor and rose at the crack of dawn the next day to meet Dirk at West Yellowstone, which was a four-hour drive for me. We talked on our cell phones the whole way over. I couldn’t wait to meet him in person! But when I saw him, I was very surprised. He was short, barrel-chested, thick-necked and much less attractive than he appeared on his online photo. I tried to get over the shallow stuff as I did like him on the phone.

“Hi!” he said enthusiastically, and gave me a big hug with his stubby arms. I smiled and hugged him back. We stopped by the grocery store for a picnic lunch of sandwiches and wine and then drove into the park where we ate by a creek, lying on a picnic blanket. After our lunch, he reached over and kissed me.

It was the most horrible kiss I could have imagined. It was a kiss that didn’t end… kind of like a vacuum hose sucking my lips. I wanted to run as far away from Dirk as possible, but I knew that would hurt his feelings. Besides, if I took off, I’d have to run miles since Dirk had driven us into the park and my car was back at the grocery store. Instead, I suggested we see the sites around Yellowstone.

Dirk talked about our future. I could move in with him and help him with his bear hunting business. (Never mind that I despise sport hunting.) There was no need for me to work. He made enough money for both of us. I heard pop Christian music playing in the background as a big grin spread across his face as he fanaticized about our life together.

“I’m ready to go back,? I said.

“Already?” he said.

“Yeah. It’s going to be a long drive back to Billings, and I want to get started.”

A scowl creased his forehead, his mouth turned down around the corner and he didn?t say a word. I stayed on my side of the truck, avoiding any additional contact with him.

When we arrived back at West Yellowstone, I wanted to leap out of his truck and spring to my car. I kept my cool. I opened the door, grabbed my camera bag and smiled at Dirk.

“It was nice to meet you,” I said.

“I get the feeling that I?m never going to see you again,” he said.

“Well, one never knows what the future has in store,” I answered.

I gave him a quick hug and power walked to my vehicle. I got into the car, started it and peeled out, waving as I left. I was free at last.

Lesson learned: It’s better to mope at home about an old boyfriend than be trapped in a pickup with a new crazy bear man.

The Peril of the Week was contributed by Nancy Brook, author of the upcoming book, Cycling, Wine, and Men: A Midlife Tour de France.

From the Cyber-Dating Expert: It?s not a good idea to go anywhere with a man in his car or truck on a first date. It’s a recipe for a dating disaster.

Let us know if you have a story to contribute for our Peril of the Week.

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Peril of the Week – Diaper Dan

Peril of the Week

While on a “Meet & Greet” i.e. dating ‘interview’ with a man she met online, a woman was asked the following question, “How open-minded are you?”

She responded by telling him that he should feel comfortable telling her anything. However, she wasn’t prepared at all for his response. He then shared with her that he was wearing a diaper.

The woman asked if it was for medical reasons, but he said, “No.”

As they were taking a walk at the beach and he was the one who was driving, she really couldn’t get out of the date at the time. He was a good looking man and a top executive at his company. Although he was genuinely a nice guy, she simply couldn’t get over this particular quirk of his, so the relationship actually ended before it even started. It was another dating disaster.

Do you believe we should be on a “need to know basis?” Did she really need to know this? Comments are always welcome.

Let us know if you have a story to contribute for our Peril of the Week.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Laura and Mitch

Cyber Love Story of the WeekMeet Laura and Mitch, who met online on The two have been inseparable since they met six months ago.

To celebrate their 5th month together, Mitch decided to plan a romantic dinner marriage proposal, catered by the restaurant where they dined on their second date.

In a mysterious way, Mitch handed Laura a series of envelopes with clues to locations that memorialized their five-month romance.

When she arrived back at their place, Mitch greeted Laura and asked her to dance. He also asked, “What would you say If I asked you to marry me tomorrow?” Laura responded with her usual, “Why don’t you ask and find out?” To which he got on on one knee and proposed.

The couple will be getting married in April, 2011.

Congratulations to Laura and Mitch who prove that romance is alive and well in cyberspace.

Do you have an online dating story to share?

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Jessica and Michael

Cyber Love Story of the WeekJessica was so busy with work and overwhelmed by all of the emails on that she almost never met Michael. She had corresponded with a few men, and finally made the time to meet Michael at a restaurant in Oakland, CA.

When Jessica arrived at the restaurant, the hostess informed her that they were about to close. Going with the flow, she decided to wait for him outside on the sidewalk, when suddenly came up to her. She wondered, “Is this Michael?” She started talking to the gentleman and suddenly realized it was another man who had written to her on Match,? who she had taken a pass on. She didn’t want to be rude as the man was rambling on and on about James Joyce, when finally Michael, her blind date, arrived.

She managed to introduce “Dave” the other Match suitor to Michael, and as awkward as that might have seemed,? Michael and Jessica had the first date of many for the rest of their lives. The two were married in September, five years after their first date.? Hopefully Dave found love online as well.

Congratulations to Jessica and Michael, our Cyber Love Story of the Week.

Do you have an online dating story to share?

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Peril of the Week – The Superficial Guy

We all know that men are visual and either they like what they see or they don’t. One can only hope that they’ll take the time to enjoy the conversation with you and get past the superficiality.

However, in the case of the Peril of the Week, the conversation led to a dating disaster.

The gentleman, who although was in good shape, showed natural signs of aging with a receding hairline. He started the conversation off with how difficult it was for him to meet quality women, as the ones he was attracted to were in their late 30s and early 40s and wanted to have children. He wasn’t interested in starting an additional family. That all made sense. However, he then told his date about how although he was 55, he had the body of a 40-year old, and the stamina of a 35-year old. This was his opinion only, but certainly not suitable first-date conversation.

He complained that women he met online couldn’t keep up with him while hiking and that hiking was important to him. He was completely turned off to a woman who would be short-of-breath on a hike or whose bodies weren’t a perfect 10. She suggested that he get a hiking buddy. He then complained that he hasn’t met a woman yet that he was physically attracted to. Considering he was sitting across the table from a woman he was on a date with, this didn’t thrill her at all. Finally, he talked about how much money he might have to pay his wife and that his divorce wasn’t final. He fit into the category of “Separated, Divorce Pending.”

As she was a lady, she didn’t respond with the fact that she preferred to date men with a full head of hair, and 35 was certainly stretching the truth about himself. She didn’t need to go on a hike to realize it just wasn’t a match. She politely exited and wished him the best of luck with his search.

Do you have an online dating story to share? For consideration in the Peril of the Week, please send us your stories.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Evita and Billy

Cyber Love Story of the Week

After six years of being in a relationship, Evita broke up with her long-time love. Her needs weren’t being met and he constantly put her down. To build up her self esteem, Evita had photos taken and posted them online on MySpace. She started to make new online friends quickly.

One guy in particular caught her attention. His name was Billy and they immediately began chatting and communicating on SKYPE. They chatted daily on the Internet and she found a man so different than what she was used to. Billy was very giving and Evita never felt better. One day, Billy told her that he was deaf as well as an a amputee.

Evita had already fallen in love with him for who he was and decided that she accepted his disabilities.

Billy was nervous about revealing the truth and was hoping that he wouldn’t lose Evita.

Their relationship was long distance. She lived in Connecticut and he lived in Georgia. Months later, Billy decided to visit Evita. Three months later, the two were married. They have never been happier.

Congratulations to Evita and Billy who found unconditional love by becoming friends on MySpace.

Do you have an online dating story to share?

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Vanessa and Ray

Cyber Love Story of the WeekVanessa moved from the east coast to the suburbs of Houston a few years ago. ?She wanted to meet new and interesting people, but was too busy with her job at NASA and didn’t have time to enter the dating scene.

Based upon recommendations from friends, she joined the online dating site as a free member. When she saw Ray’s profile, she decided to upgrade her membership immediately to meet him.

She sent Ray, a foster parent, an email introduction. Ray responded and the communication began.

During their first lunch date, they quickly realized that they both had a lot in common. Both Vanessa and Ray had children from their previous marriages. They also both enjoyed crossword puzzles and exercising.

The two easily blended their families together and two years after their first online date, they were married.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Ray who found love online on BlackPeopleMeet.

Do you have an online dating story to share?

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