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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Kristina and Tom

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Kristina was on for about four weeks when she met Tom.

“I had been messaging with a few other guys and met only one other in person. When I received Tom?s first message I just had to respond,” said Kristina.

Tom’s message read something like this:

?Hi, I am looking for a good looking girl who doesn?t talk, has lots of ex-boyfriend drama and only eats salad at dinner. From your picture I see you are good looking and noticed you are a Mets fan, which is a bonus. Let me know if you are interested. If not, good luck in life and stuff. ?TOM?

“When I clicked onto his profile his main quote said, ?Three Words: NO BACK HAIR.? I have a weakness for cute, funny guys and he had me at that. Then I went on to read his absolutely ridiculous bio which was all made up, but very well written! I was laughing so hard and messaged him back right away,” added Kristina.

Their relationship worked right from the beginning and instantly clicked. The two were engaged nine months from their first date. Tom?s proposal was perfect and sentimental.

“The beach had always played an important role in my family?s life from the time my parents met at Jones Beach in the 1976,” said Kristina.

She added, “My father passed away on July 25, 1996. The year following his death, we held a memorial service for him at the beach where he would fish every weekend. ?On July 25, 2009, my mom, stepdad, my brother, his girlfriend, Tom and I went to the same beach where my dad fished so we can share the moment with them.”

Little did she know, but Tom had a marriage proposal all planned out and the moment her mom said, ?let me get a picture of you two,? that was his cue to get on one knee. Tom began his proposal with, ?I know you wanted your family to be here for this moment and I wanted to make sure your dad was a part of it as well.? He then continued to say, ?so, do you want to do this??

Kristina and Tom will be getting married on July 22, 2011?the exact date her parents would have been celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to Kristina and Tom, our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple who found love online on

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Tara and Ryan

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Tara joined the online dating site Yahoo! Personals in early 2001.? She was doing a year of graduate study in North Dakota when she met Ryan who was in law school in Houston.

Tara knew she was moving back to her home town of Houston to finish her graduate studies. She wanted to make some new friends and meet someone, so she posted an online dating ad in anticipation of her move back home.

Ryan saw her profile and answered her ad on February 8, 2001.? The two started emailing back and forth and had the occasional all night chat session getting to know one another, where they learned that they attended the same undergraduate university.

The two finally met in person two months later, when Tara flew home for the Easter holidays. ?A month later she moved back to Houston and they started dating exclusively from that point on.

Two years later, on March 15, 2003, they became engaged and were married 8 months later. Two years later, their daughter was born. Tara believes that?meeting online and communicating in writing for 2 months prepared them both for their marriage. ? ?As Ryan is an Officer in the Army, he was deployed to Iraq for 14 months. Shortly after that he left to attend several Army schools. Basically he was gone from his family for almost 2 years.? Being able to communicate together through writing helped them keep their relationship alive and healthy.

After their online dating success story, Tara’s mother and brother both ventured into the cyberdating waters, where they met their spouses online as well.

Congratulations to Tara and Ryan, as well as to their family members, ?who show us that Internet dating can be successful, in both love and war, regardless of the distance.

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