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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Dabney and Vic

Dabney and Vic - Cyber Love StoryAfter 15 years of marriage, Dabney was ready to start dating again. She created a profile on and went on just five lunch dates.

When she first spoke to Vic, the two had instant phone chemistry. Vic had his list of questions that he asked all prospective dates. Dabney passed the test with flying colors.

When the two finally met in person, they were both delighted that the phone chemistry matched their feelings in-real-life. Vic went to hold Dabney?s hand and she pulled back in surprise. Vic asked Dabney, ?Did you feel that?? Dabney tells us, ?It was electric.?

Dabney and Vic were fortunate to have felt a spiritual and soulful connection on their first date. Five years later, during a vacation in the Florida Keys, Vic proposed to Dabney. Dabney, of course said ?Yes!?

Congratulations to Dabney and Vic, who prove that you can have a second chance at love while looking for love online.

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Rosalie and Jeff

Cyber Love Story of the WeekAfter failing to find Mr. Right during her 6-month dating spree on, Rosalie decided to give online dating one last shot.

When Rosalie received an email from Jeff, who advertised in his online dating profile that “It’s nice to know a cop,” she immediately thought the worst and assumed that police officers beat their wives. Three days later, she agreed to meet Jeff for a drink which started their courtship. After their first date, they began to see each other every other weekend.

Jeff won brownie points after buying Rosalie’s daughter her first designer purse. The following year, Rosalie and Jeff became engaged. The two just celebrated their 6th year anniversary. Together they enjoy quiet evenings at home with their four pint-size dogs.

The happy family can be viewed above, along with Rosalie’s daughter Erika at her recent graduation.

Congratulations to Rosalie and Jeff who prove you shouldn’t make assumptions before putting that date on the calendar.

Cyber Love Story of the Week – Jessica and Michael

Cyber Love Story of the WeekJessica was so busy with work and overwhelmed by all of the emails on that she almost never met Michael. She had corresponded with a few men, and finally made the time to meet Michael at a restaurant in Oakland, CA.

When Jessica arrived at the restaurant, the hostess informed her that they were about to close. Going with the flow, she decided to wait for him outside on the sidewalk, when suddenly came up to her. She wondered, “Is this Michael?” She started talking to the gentleman and suddenly realized it was another man who had written to her on Match,? who she had taken a pass on. She didn’t want to be rude as the man was rambling on and on about James Joyce, when finally Michael, her blind date, arrived.

She managed to introduce “Dave” the other Match suitor to Michael, and as awkward as that might have seemed,? Michael and Jessica had the first date of many for the rest of their lives. The two were married in September, five years after their first date.? Hopefully Dave found love online as well.

Congratulations to Jessica and Michael, our Cyber Love Story of the Week.

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