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5 Ways to Look and Feel Red Hot on Valentine’s Day

Red Hot Dressing for Valentine'sWondering if you should wear red or pink this Valentine?s Day? I?m a firm believer that red the perfect color to wear year-round for your online dating profile, as well as on a first date. But don?t take my word for it. I reached out to Image Consultant Kimberly Seltzer, who agreed, it?s best to be the Lady in Red this Valentine?s Day. Kimberly compares Valentine?s outfits to Halloween for a little bit of fun.

?Both holidays give you a chance to dress up and perhaps wear something a little risqu? that you perhaps wouldn?t normally wear,? says Kimberly.? ?No matter if you are celebrating with your man, going out with your girlfriends to attract a new one or just pampering yourself on Valentine?s Day, put on something that makes you feel special, alive and sexy.? Seltzer encourages singles and women in a relationship to put on their little black dress, throw on a pair of high heels and pile on the vanilla-flavored lip-gloss.

Here are Kimberly?s 5 easy red-hot tips that will surely shoot an arrow right into any man?s heart.

1.???? Feel Sexy?What men find sexy in a woman is when she herself feels sexy.?? Men notice your sexual confidence in the way you dress, walk, move your body and smile.? Wear something that makes you feel sexy and sensual.? ?So put on a dress that you feel confident and a little daring in.? This doesn?t mean you have to show your mid-drift or fall out of your dress. Guys would much rather undress you with their eyes and leave things to the imagination than display it all right there.? Part of being sexy is leaving them with a sense of intrigue and curiosity.? If you give it all away to them, they may not have the desire to want more.? For example, wear a fitted red dress that shows your curves and just teases the man with a low cut-out back.? Or perhaps you want to go more casual and sport a leather jacket with a lacy cami peeking through.

Use fabrics that are great against your skin and touchable. Cashmere, silky satin, and buttery soft suedes are the real scene-stealers. Touchable fabrics not only invite another’s touch, they have the added bonus of feeling great against your skin so you feel pampered and sexy.? Find fun and unique ways to express your sensuality!

2.???? ?Dress Feminine?Men absolutely love a soft womanly touch.? A dress, skirt and heels can make any man?s heart skip a beat.? Display your feminine sexuality with flowing hair or an attractive hairdo, nice nails, makeup and discreet displays of bare skin, plus colorful clothes and jewelry that are eye-catching signs of femininity.? And ladies, no corporate blazers please!? Your dress should be flirty, flowy and gorgeous.? Perhaps it is romantic and completely easy like a soft silk in a red and off-white combination.? Or maybe it is a tight fitted LBD worn with sleek patent red pumps.? And while you are at it, remember to laugh, smile, create softness and be light and open on your date with your man.? He?ll appreciate your receptive and delicate attitude and style.

3.???? Wear Heels?A man will love the way you move in a pair of high heels.? There are three reasons why men?s jaw drop when you slip on the stilettos.? They love the way the shoes make your legs look, how they make you walk and move your body and how it exudes femininity.? Find the perfect footwear to go with that Valentine?s dress.? Think sexy, strappy, sparkly and high!? Feel a little unsteady in the skyscrapers?? Try a pair of platforms with a thicker heel to give you more support.

4.???? Smell Amazing?Explore a new signature fragrance that captures your man?s attention.? Several studies show that vanilla-flavored perfumes can intoxicate his senses.? But perhaps he prefers something a little fresh and floral with a hint of citrus.? Notice those fragrances that get a reaction and go with it!? You might also want to try a new body lotion to put all over your body in unexpected places.

5.?? Be Daring and Add A Surprise?If you have been with your beau for a while, most likely there is an element of monotony in your relationship and in the way you dress.? Even if you are going out with your girlfriends or you are with a new man, it?s important to infuse a little variety in your life which can help you give off new and exciting energy.? Spice things up by wearing something a little different for you.? Perhaps you secretly wear a new red lacy thong with a matching bra under your Valentine?s dress.? Or nothing attracts attention quite like a hat. First, it takes guts to wear one.? Second, it takes panache to carry it off.? Combine the two qualities and you get major sex appeal.

Whatever you decide to wear, enhancing and focusing on your Valentine attitude and your wardrobe will boost the way you feel about yourself, thus boosting your chances for love on this special day.

Visit Kimberly at for a complete dating image consultation.

How to Look Fabulous Affordably

hot-dressIn today?s economy it is imperative whether you are an employee or your own boss that you look your best at all times! When at work, if you want to move up in your current company, find a new position, or land that next client, sprucing up your wardrobe is a must.? Like it or not, judgments are made within the first 90 seconds of meeting someone. The same holds true if you are getting ready to go on a cyber-date.

According to our fabulous fashionista, Kara Allan, these are the times that we need to learn to look fabulous affordably!? Don?t waste money on trendy items that will be out of style in a New York minute.? Consider investing in some quality key pieces that will carry you through the tight times and will allow you to present yourself with polish.? Thank the fashion fairies for separates, sheaths and cost effective cashmere.? Stock up on basics like tanks at Forever 21 ($2.50) that can slip under sweaters and blouses; snag slacks and skirts in black and navy from Ann Taylor ($89) and Banana Republic ($69) and make sure the fabrics are light wools, so you can wear them year round.

ringOnly have a few clams to shell out?? Try this hot little number you can double as a dress or a top for $43 at Swap a noisy bracelet out for a cocktail ring at the Limited (19.50). Hose is now considered optional and so pass?; try opaque tights from Tar-ghet ($5.99) with some hot booties for an updated look.? Don?t forget finishing touches like a yellow belt from Saks ($33) to jazz up that black and white dress you had no idea what to do with.? Nothing but moths in your wallet?? Don?t despair!? Shop in your closet and mix and match blouses with skirts or slacks that you hadn?t thought to try before.??Try your Coach colorful scarf as a belt.??You will look perfect on your next cyber-dating and, oh?the wonders you will find when you open your mind!?

Well that?s all from the Fabulous Fashionista today, if you need additional tips you?ll find me at Ciao!!

It’s All About the Nails

I spent the morning at the OPI Headquarters in North Hollywood where I was privileged to meet Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the Executive VP and Artistic Director at OPI Products, the giant makers of nail polish.

Suzi, better known as the First Lady of Nails, is the creative genious that came up with every signature color as well as the fun and flirty names for OPI shades.

With fun colors such as such as?OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and several from the?OPI Nail Polish India Collection – I’m india Mood for Love, a group of women were personally treated in hearing Suzi’s stories including her world wide travels in search of new names for the fashionable shades of color for each season.

Each woman went home with a ?with a copy of the hardcover book called, I’M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS, ?which highlights OPI’s 25 years in the beauty industry, as well as a goody bag filled with treats and the lastest colors of the season in the?OPI Nail Lacquer – Louvre Me Louvre Not – France Collection. ?Along with?a tube of?O.P.I. Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go, and a base coast and top coat we were well prepared to make sure our nails would shine for the next online date we might have on the calendar.