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Dating Expert JULIE SPIRA Named Best Dating Coach at iDate Awards


SPIRA is Celebrated for her Excellence in Navigating Love

Miami, Florida –January 26, 2017—JULIE SPIRA, who ranks as the most influential person in dating and online dating, was named “Best Dating Coach,” at the iDate 2017 Awards. The iDate Awards represents the best dating and social networking has to offer the public. The awards include 13 categories and is the largest gathering of executives who specialize in online dating, matchmaking, mobile dating, and the growing niche dating industry.

Julie SpiraSpira, CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert, was one of five finalists in her category and received a majority of the votes. Other winners of the iDate Awards included Match, eHarmony, and mobile app, Bumble. Spira who specializes in coaching singles who are looking for love online, is an accomplished dating coach and bestseller author who helps people looking for love in the digital age.

“Its great to be recognized for something that I’m truly passionate about,” said 2017 Best Dating Coach winner, Julie Spira. “When you love playing cupid, it’s a joy to help those who desire love to date smarter, with the goal of finding their soul mates.”

Held on location in Miami, at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, the Internet Dating Conference is the largest trade show and business conference for the online dating, social networking, and matchmaking industries. Several business meetings are held each year covering the technology, management and marketing for the industry. The Miami conference is the largest. Held each January, it focuses on the multi-billion dollar global dating industry.

About Julie Spira

Julie Spira is a dating and relationship expert who has become the go-to person in the media for online dating and mobile dating advice. She’s been featured in over 1000 media stories and has been helping singles find love for over two decades by helping them find their perfect match.

  • America’s Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker
  • Ranks as most influential person in dating and online dating
  • Named as one of the Top 10 Columnists to Follow on Twitter
  • Winner, Best Dating Coach for 2017

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Dating Resolutions You Can Really Keep

New Year's Resolutions


My how time flies!

It’s already the middle of January in 2017.  The V word is right around the corner, Valentine’s Day, the ‘Super Bowl ‘of dating.

For those who made New Year’s resolutions, if they included joining a gym, losing weight, dating again or finding love, here’s some wise dating advice to add to your list that we know you can really keep.

1. I will create a NEW online dating profile.

If you’ve tried dating sites without success, guess what? You’ve got a lousy profile. Whether you decide to hire a dating coach to hold your hand or take on the task on your own, it’s time to say out with the old, in with the new. Your stale profile needs a digital facelift to attract your dream date.

2. I will log on EVERY morning before work and EVERY night before going to sleep.

If you can find an hour a day to call your BFFs to talk about your day, or your empty date card, you have time to log on twice so your profile shows you are active and for you to write to and respond to potential dates.

3. I will ACCEPT three dates a week and will stop looking for perfection.

Going on a date doesn’t mean you’ll be walking down the aisle with your date or merging bank accounts. It’s just a date; a meet-and-greet. The more you date, the better dater you will become. So if someone has 50% of what you’re looking for, agree to go on a date. Who knows? He or she just might become a new friend or might have someone else for you if there’s no romantic connection. Fill your date card (less than 50% of the week) by scheduling three dates. Coffee, lunch, drinks, you name it.

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4. I will go out on TWO dates with each person.

Say goodbye to one-and-done dating and hello to meeting new and exciting people. We believe that everyone deserve a second chance. First dates can make many nervous. In fact some people change locations in the same night (dinner somewhere and dessert elsewhere) just to say they’ve gone on two dates. The goal of your first date should be to keep it light and simple and SCHEDULE a second date on the calendar.

5. I will search and write to TEN people a day. Before you shoot the messenger, you should know that by writing to ten people, you might only get one reply. Remember, not everyone is logging on at the same time, some go on vacation, and others are dating multiple people. It’s not unusual for someone to thank you for your email, but to tell you they’ve met one person and want to see where it goes. The only way to be successful is to be PROACTIVE. That means ladies can write to men, so toss out the old rules. Men will be flattered to hear from you, because they are writing to a lot of women and many don’t write back.

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Think of dating and finding the perfect match for you like looking for a job. You won’t stop searching for a job when you’re out of work, even after three bad interviews or no replies. The same goes with dating. If you’re looking for love, you need to put in the effort to win the digital love lottery.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may swipe or roam. xo

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Our Irresistible Profiles Coaching programs come in a variety of levels, from Going Steady, a profile critique to Totally in Love, with a brand new profile and 30 days of unlimited text/email support, to our VIP Digital Matchmaker plan for the most serious of singles, which includes a new profile and 10 private coaching sessions.

So get out of fear mode, stop ghosting, stop swiping without meeting IRL, and come to the digital party with all the tools you need for a happy and loving 2017.

If you need some help in getting started with your online dating profile, contact us and we’ll help you create that IRRESISTIBLE Profile to help you stand out among the millions of online daters.

Julie Spira is a dating coach and author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. She’s a finalist for Best Dating Coach in the 2017 iDate Awards. Visit her at and sign up for the FREE Weekly Flirt newsletter, where you’ll also be able to download for free the 7 Secrets to Finding Love Online.

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Woman’s Day Relationship Resolutions

Woman's Day Relationship Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are still a hot topic during the first week of the year. Whether to make them, keep them, or revise them, when it comes to relationship resolutions, they should be at the top of your list.

In a recent article on Woman’s Day, I was interviewed on ways to help you and your partner have a better 2011. If you’re in a relationship, this article is for you. If you’re single and a member of an online dating site, you will benefit from these 7 resolutions while on the dating scene.

Be more understanding of your partner’s faults.

So, you?d like to switch off that nagging gene and let the little things slide (such as socks on the floor)? Good idea! ?No man wants a partner who nags him, and no woman wants to be that type of woman,? says?Julie Spira, dating/romance coach and author ofThe Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.

How to make it stick: Every time you?re about to let loose with a ?You always/You never [fill in the blank],? stop yourself and ask, is it worth the argument? Instead, sit down with your partner and make a list of things that you?ll agree to nudge each other about, like paying bills on time or getting the?car inspected, and agree to let the rest go.

Find Happiness Outside Your Relationship.

Sure, you want to lean on your lover when times are tough, but when you?re too needy, it can be a turnoff. ?We?re all more appealing when we have our own lives and are confident and feeling good about ourselves,? says Spira.

How to make it stick: Think of things that used to make you happy that you don?t do as much anymore, such as taking art lessons, practicing piano or even just seeing movies your partner doesn?t enjoy?and do them. Make dates with your girlfriends, join the softball team at?work, whatever. ?Live your life as though it?s not wrapped around his,? suggests Spira. Having interests and experiences that have nothing to do with each other means you have more to bring to the relationship

Other resolutions include increase gratitude for your partner; ?be a better listener, show more interest in your partner’s life work and interests; ?and institute a date night.

For the full article and how to make your resolutions stick, visit Woman’s Day

What Guys Look For In A Serious Relationship

By Tiernan McKay –

Recently, I was interviewed by ShoppingLifestyle along with author Zachary Davis on what guys look for in a serious relationship. This subject is near and dear to my heart, as I am committed to helping you find and keep this relationship oriented man. The article, 10 Traits Men Look For In A Girlfriend will keep you on your toes and in his heart.

Full Article

While it’s no secret that sex is important to the male species, sometimes it’s a bit tough to identify just what men look for in a girlfriend — we’re talking long-term relationship material here.

Tapping into the knowledge of two relationship experts, we’ve come up with a list of 10 characteristics that will take a man from “just a date” to “meet my girlfriend”.

1. A sense of humor

“Nobody wants to date ‘Debbie Downer’ and men enjoy joking with their women,” says Zachary Davis, author of Roses and Brass Knuckles: A Man’s Pocket Guide To Winning The Dating and Marriage Game. Clearly, this is something that men and women can agree on. You don’t want to spend your time with someone who is seriously serious so be sure to lighten the mood when you can. Men like it when a women has the confidence to be funny. “Believe me, we want you to make us laugh too,” says Davis.

2. Flexibility

No, we’re not talking about physical flexibility (though, no doubt, plenty of men have that on their list). We’re talking about the ability to be adventurous and explore life as it happens. Julie Spira is a best-selling author, radio host, columnist and dating/relationship expert. She believes that “Men love it when a woman doesn’t mind if the plans get changed last minute. Spontaneity excites a man.” Last minute plans from a movie night to a pizza date? Don’t panic. Go with the flow and impress him with your carefree spirit.

3. Honesty

No long-term relationship can survive without honesty and men want to trust their girlfriends. “Women don’t like to admit it, but it is a lot easier for you to deceive us than it is for us to deceive you,” says Davis. “We don’t pick up on a lot of the signs that women do, so we have to be able to trust you fully.” If you really want a solid relationship, leave your affinity for little white lies behind you.

4. Positivity

There’s no question that life has its ups and downs but an emotional roller coaster is not high on any man’s list of desired traits in a girlfriend. Regardless of what life throws your way, a positive outlook on life will get you far. “Too much doom and gloom usually works its way into the bedroom,” according to Davis. “How can we have good night if you are always having bad days?”

5. Supportive

This can apply to both his personal and professional life, but men want a woman who is in his corner no matter what. “A man’s self esteem and ego are driven by his success in the business world,” says Spira. “When a woman admires a man for his work achievements and becomes his cheerleader, she’s on the top of his list.” Take an interest in his work, make an effort to understand his struggles and then provide encouragement.

6. Reliability

It’s doubtful that an unreliable woman (or man) will change her (or his) stripes once a relationship is in full swing, so men want to see this trait in a woman before things get serious. “Just like women want a man they can count on, we want the same in return,” says Davis. “It is easy to love when you can count on someone!” Some ways to show that you’re reliable include being on time, following through on commitments and being a good friend.

7. Motivation

Motivation is usually high on the list of characteristics that women look for in a man, but it goes both ways. “How can we move forward in a relationship, when you don’t want to move forward in your life?” asks Davis. Openly sharing your professional and personal aspirations will show him that you have big plans in life (that may or may not include him).

8. A social life

Even men who enjoy being in a relationship need their space, and they need to know that their girlfriend can have fun without him if necessary. “Nothing is worse than when you starting dating a woman and she becomes completely attached, and the two of you are together 24/7,” says Davis. “Then we start to think, what was she doing before we met? Time apart makes the heart grow fonder, even in the beginning.” Don’t even think about turning your back on your girlfriends just because Mr. Right comes along. Chances are, in the short term, he won’t be pleased and in the long-term, you won’t be happy.

9. Sexy + Smart

We all know the first characteristic tops a man’s list, but combine sexy with smart and you have “girlfriend material” written all over. “The combination will send a woman to the top of the list,” says Spira. “Men are visual. When they see a woman with the intelligence behind the pretty face, it’s a winning combination.” Don’t hesitate to share your intellectual passions. Maybe you are a crossword puzzle buff, an economic genius, a business whiz or aspiring author. Whatever your area of interest, flaunt it; don’t hide it.

10. Confidence

Again, this is something men and women have in common when looking for a long-term partner. “A man is attracted to a woman who is confident on their own,” says Spira. “Although they look forward to sharing together as a couple, if she can make it on her own and isn’t needy, she’ll capture his heart.” Davis agrees saying, “If you don’t love yourself then I can’t love you. Simple as that.” Take pride in your abilities, your body and your life and men will find you hard to resist.

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Julie Spira is a dating and relationship expert and bestselling author. She creates irresistible online dating profiles and coaches singles who are looking for love online. Visit her at