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13 Ways to Get Lucky in Love on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13thIt?s Friday the 13, so instead of feeling unlucky in the romance department and staying home with a pint of ice cream, grab your inner flirt and enjoy the day.

All around the world, people will be thinking about Friday the 13th. In Australia, they say the stars are in alignment and it?s considered a good day for lovers.

There?s no need to think that will be a perilous one. For those who are leery, I challenge you to go ahead and ask try some of these 13 dating tips and leave the superstitions behind. After all, there?s only one Friday the 13th this year, so put your best foot forward, walk over the crack in the sidewalk, ?and leave the fear behind.

  1. Have a crush at work?? Ask out the cute girl down the hall out for an after-work drink.
  2. Taking a walk during your lunch break?? Smile at guy who is standing next to you at the red light.
  3. Looking for love online? Log in and write to 13 men or women whose profiles pique your curiosity.
  4. Not ready to send an email? Send 13 flirts or winks instead with the hope that he or she will notice.
  5. Curious about your horoscope? Email the person? you?re in communication with theirs and ask them is they?re superstitious on Friday the 13th.
  6. Canceling your date for fear it will be bad luck? Keep it on your calendar or he or she may end up in the arms of another.
  7. Change your online dating profile and post 13 photos that you?ve already uploaded on Facebook.
  8. Open up your Facebook chat and look through the thumbnails of who is online now and start the conversation.
  9. Big on Twitter? Remember #FollowFriday and send #FF wishes to 13 people who you admire, whether you?ve met or not.
  10. Find a happy hour in your neighborhood and go for a light dinner. Ask that cute guy or girl what they think of Friday the 13th to get the conversation started.
  11. Go to YouTube and listen to Stevie Wonder?s hit song, ?Superstitious.?
  12. Still think you should stay in? Rent the film ?Friday the 13th:? on Netflix and watch it with someone you?d like to cuddle up with. Remember there are 4 versions of this famous horror flick.
  13. On a date? Spill some salt on the table after you walk under the ladder and laugh about it during dessert.Who knows? Today might just be the beginning of a series of anniversary dates and you just might get lucky in love after all.

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