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The First Google Glass Wedding – Marsha and Curt

Marsha Collier and Curt Buthman WeddingDigital wedding bells were ringing at the Social Media Wedding of the year of our favorite Tweethearts, Marsha Collier and Curt Buthman.

Marsha and Curt once again made social media history on November 8, 2013 at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, where they tied the digital knot to the crowdsourced Twitter hashtag of #MarshaandCurtWedding.

This wedding was the first-ever where a Bride walked down the aisle wearing Google Glass to capture both video and photos of the ceremony. As the couple said their marriage vows, again they recorded yet another social media first, where they captured their “I Do’s” in a six second Twitter vine video for their friends and followers to enjoy as they followed the digital festivities.

It was an honor and joy to share this beautiful day with my friends and to share this social media love story with you.

So how did this Twitter love all begin?

As the author of over 40 books, host of the #custserv chat on Twitter, and named by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Women Social Media Influencers, when it came to her love life, there was no doubt that she’d attract a handsome man with her social media presence.

The couple, both social media enthusiasts, originally started following each other as friends on Twitter in 2009.? As I sat with them in the Bridal suite before the wedding ceremony, they shared their favorite Twitter moments with me.

“One day I was stumped as to how to change a lightbulb,? said Marsha. “I turned to the twitterverse and asked, ‘Can anyone help me? Is there an electrician out there?'” Curt came to her rescue and send her a private message and their friendship turned into a digital crush.

Marsha had the opportunity to return the favor. Curt recalls sending out a tweet, which said, “I need 5 more people on Facebook to get my Vanity URL.” Marsha tweeted back with, “And now you need 4 more.”

The two eventually met in person (IRL) at BlogWorld, the world’s largest social media conference, where Marsha, author of over 40 books, was autographing copies of two of her books, eBay For Dummies and Facebook and Twitter For Seniors For Dummies at the Wiley booth.

The rest is Twitter history. Their crush turned into a digital romantic journey, complete with the first Twitter vine video marriage proposal in May of 2013.

Curt’s creative proposal with the Twitter hashtag of #WillYouMarryMe went viral and was featured everywhere from People magazine to the Daily Mail in the U.K.

It was no surprise that their wedding ceremony would be filled with a few more social media firsts…The first Google Glass bride and the first Twitter vine video marriage vows. As Marsha was selected to be one of Google’s exclusive “Glass Explorers” and is the co-host of the Computer and Technology radio show, she couldn’t resist the urge to continue to be a leader in technology on her wedding day.

In an elegant wedding to remember, the Bride was walked down the aisle by her first cousin, British Army Colonel Simon Goldstein MBE. She was wearing a vintage A-line bridal gown she selected from Unique Vintage in Burbank, CA. As the dress was a few sizes to large for her, she had it completely custom fit and added a pocket to carry her Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone and lipstick.

“A bride needs a pocket,” said Collier during my conversation with her in the Bridal Suite. Her shoes were purchased on eBay. “Why spend money on shoes that you’d never wear again?”

Social media friends were snapping photos throughout the evening and posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. The service was officiated by social media friend Jeff Rago and the Bride’s daughter Susan Dickman was the Maid-of-Honor.

As expected, their wedding hashtag of #marshaandcurtwedding became a trending topic on Twitter.

At the end of the digital day, Curt admitted he was attracted to Marsha’s Twitter profile photo when he started following her. Need I say more? It’s all about the profile photos.


Photo Credits: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

Julie Spira is an online dating expert and founder of She creates irresistible profiles for singles on the dating scene. For more online dating advice, follow @JulieSpira on Twitter and sign up for the free Weekly Flirt newsletter.

Cyber Love Story – Marsha and Curt

Marsha and CurtDigital love. It comes in many flavors and varieties. We’ve got traditional online dating sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and the list goes on.

This week, my dear friends Marsha Collier and Curt Buthman became engaged. Marsha, a bestselling author living in Los Angeles, met Curt, a business consultant who resided in North Carolina on Twitter in October of 2010. Marsha shared her excitement about her new Twitter love and the two were scheduled to meet IRL at BlogWorld, a social media conference in Las Vegas. Fortunately, I was there to cheer the two on and witness the power of social media and romantic relationships first hand.

The two were lucky and excited to see that their online chemistry transferred to an exciting offline connection. They stayed in touch via Skype every night as their relationship continued to develop.

When the holidays arrived two months later, Curt decided to fly to Los Angeles to see how the two would mesh in Marsha’s home town. After two weeks together, Curt knew it was perfect. He was hooked.

Curt moved to Los Angeles two months later and the two have been inseparable for the past two years.

Curt realized that Twitter was a big part of their lives. Marsha is the host of the #custserv twitter chat on Tuesday evenings and the two regularly chat on Twitter. Curt decided Twitter and social media needed to be a part of his proposal. On the day he decided to propose to Marsha, he sent several of us a private message on Facebook to let us know that he would be proposing at 6:45pm using the Twitter hashtag of #willyoumarryme during her weekly #custserv chat.

At 6:45pm, the loving tweet was sent. Curt popped the digital Q on Twitter.

Curt and Marsha 1




In his associated Vine video Curt said, Marsha. I love you so much. Will you marry me, please please?

Curt held up an engagement ring, which was a family heirloom. His Twitter and Vine marriage proposal went viral.

Many of Marsha’s followers waited patiently for her to accept.

Marsha Collier Tweet



Curt apologized for disrupting Marsha’s Twitter #custserv chat.

Curt Tweet



Finally, Marsha said Yes! Their Vine marriage proposal on Twitter has gone viral.

Marsha Tweet 2



Congratulations to Marsha and Curt, our Cyber Love Story of the Week who will ride into the digital sunset together.

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Julie Spira is a top online dating expert and founder of Julie’s the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating and creates irresistible profiles for singles on the dating scene. For more dating advice, sign up for the Weekly Flirt newsletter and like us at

Cyber Love Story of the Week – Misty and Marty

Cyber Love Story - Misty and MartyWhat happens when you innocently start following someone on Twitter who lives in another country?

Meet our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple, Misty and Marty and remember to pay close attention to your followers on Twitter.

It all began when @mistygirlph who resided in the Philippines started following @MartyMcPadden in 2009. Just a few months later, Marty started following Misty as well and their online friendship started to bloom. The two also became friends on Facebook.

Two years later, Misty relocated from the Philippines to the United States where she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. When Marty found out that Misty was living in the U.S., they exchanged phone numbers and began speaking online. The two used Skype to stay in touch to help their digital courtship blossom.

On the Fourth of July in 2011, Marty and Misty met for the first time when Misty flew from Ohio to Connecticut to meet him in person.

When I personally met Misty and Marty at BlogWorld in November of 2011, I could see that these tweethearts, who were still in a long-distance relationship were truly in love.

During a vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando in May of 2012, Marty proposed to Misty and she said, “yes!” The two were married in August of 2012 and now both reside in Connecticut.

Congratulations to Misty and Marty, who prove that social media and twitter love can allow you to find that special someone, regardless of what zip code or country they reside in.

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Julie Spira is a leading online dating expert and founder of She creates irresistible profiles for singles on the dating scene. Julie’s the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating and host of Mobile Dating BootCamp. For more dating advice, sign up for our Weekly Flirt newsletter and like us at

Cyber Love Links – Links to Love When You’re in the Mood for Love

Cyber Love Links

We hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.? It’s time to share our favorite stories shared on Twitter and on our site this week.

A timely post from our friends at? YourTango answers the question that mystifies many as to when is the right time to introduce your new GF or BF to your family. ?Is it the Right Time to Bring Him Home for Easter or Passover??They were kind enough to include our recent video, What is Mobile Dating? at the end of the holiday post.

In her Love & Gratitude column, Rita Watson shared her inspiration on Psychology Today with Come to the Table of Love: An Easter and Passover Tradition.

Our friends at Zoosk announced their new Couples Profiles where you can continue sharing your love milestones on a combined profile. Our favorite Infographic this week comes from on Dating in a Virtual World. Find out if gentlemen prefer blondes and who falls in love at first sight the most.

Still nervous about online dating? Apparently Sinead O’Connor is looking for love online. Her profile is on Plenty of Fish and we wrote about celebrities who have joined online dating sites. released their latest Top 10 Cities Survey?that was a hot tweet with results that will increase or decrease your passion, depending on where you live.

Over at, we fell in digital love with this story, 10 Stellar Responses to Use the Next Time Some Rude Person Asks, “Why Are You Still Single?

Our favorite Quote of the Day came from, ?”If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t, nothing will make him stay.”

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Wishing you much love and joy in Cyberspace, or wherever you man roam.

~The Cyber-Dating Expert Team

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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Christina and Grant

Cyber Love Story of the Week

Twitter love. Is it a new fad or here to stay?

Meet Christina and Grant. Read how they memorialized their love within 140 characters.

Christina, a technology and film journalist, met Grant in 2007. Grant was a part-time writer and full time software developer. They were working together as hosts and producers of a video podcast distributed by AOL titled “The Squadcast.”

“We had fantastic chemistry on camera, and it was honest — that same easy comfort between us existed off camera as well”, says Grant. That chemistry took a while to reach a boil, but in March of 2008 the pair began dating.

The couple was an instant hit. “I can’t imagine a more perfect mate.”, Grant explains, “I know it’s cliche but, Christina for me was like finding the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle.” Christina adds, “Grant is my soulmate. I think I knew he was the one, deep down, long before we started dating.”

A little less than a year later, while Christina was away covering Macworld,? Grant popped the question via Twitter.

With both being early social-media adopters, news of the Twitter proposal spread like wildfire among the couple’s friends and colleagues. Christina recalls, “It was really nice to share my engagement with both my colleagues in San Francisco and with my friends and family all over the world — in real-time.”

Although “The Squadcast” ended production and Christina has since left AOL to join the juggernaut social media blog Mashable as a staff writer, the couple are still going strong. Christina and Grant plan to tie the knot in 2010.

Congratulations to Christina and Grant, true techies who prove that twitter love is alive and well.

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