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Washington DC

“Thank you Julie for your wisdom and advice. I would not have married this wonderful guy if I didn’t follow your Playbook!”

“I met someone on Match, thanks to you, and am in love! He is the most loving and kindest man I have ever met. Thank you Julie. You did this for me!”

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

"Thanks to you and serendipity, I met this lovely man, who has brought love and happiness into my life at a point when I thought it could never happen again. You are the best!"


Julie was my dating coach and gave me the constant guidance I needed from start to finish. After following her program, I'm in a committed relationship with a kind, sweet, and loving man who treats me the way I'd always wanted. I can't thank you enough!
Palm Springs
I want to share some of my thoughts about Julie Spira, from Cyber-Dating Expert, dating coach extraordinaire! Julie’s guidance and know-how have eased my way back to looking for a new partner. Her warmth and focus on the goal at hand, always reassuring.  I feel she understands my specific needs — that she cares about me. It has only been a few weeks now but I am getting a great response thanks to Julie.  I can’t recommend her enough!
Los Angeles
Thanks Julie for putting me on OkCupid! I finally got married this weekend to the first man I had a date with in my dream wedding. He's my soul mate. Thank you and I send you so many blessings and love your way. You have been so important on my journey.
Los Angeles
My Cosmo Radio girls are always asking how to date online. Julie knows her stuff like no one else. She is truly the pioneer of online dating.
Diana Falzone
I was heartbroken when my girlfriend broke up with me. She blocked me on Facebook and ghosted me and disappeared. With the help of Julie Spira, I was able to capture her heart again. We're now happily engaged and couldn't have done this without the coaching of Cyber-Dating Expert. Thank you!
Ever since I started coaching with Julie, the number of men writing to me has dramatically increased! I never received that many messages with my previous profile. Plus, I get compliments from the men who were impressed with my profile. Good job Julie!
Los Angeles
I had spent several months waiting to hit "go" on my online dating profile, unsure about my photos and insecure about the wording of my responses. After spending just a few hours with Julie, we were able to craft a profile that truly reflects the real me. She insisted we post it live as soon as we were done. The results were unbelievable. Within hours, I received 5 thoughtful emails from men who fit my criteria. Several more soon followed and continue to pour in. Without her invaluable advice, I would have never had the kind of success I've been able to have. Thank you Julie!
New York
I couldn't understand why I wasn't attracting quality men online. I signed up for the Flirt package and Julie Spira critiqued my profile. With her suggested changes, the types of guys that have reached out to me greatly improved and I met my husband!
Julie critiqued my OkCupid profile and with her advice and recommended changes, I met my beloved! We’ve been together now for 3.5 years!
San Diego
Julie helped me create a new Internet dating profile that described me in a better way to attract more quality men. It didn't take long before I started to receive more emails from men that I was interested in.
Los Angeles
I worked with Julie Spira to rewrite my online dating profile. With her help and coaching, I was able to find more quality women to write to online.
Los Angeles
I had been happily married for 25 years and was nervous about starting over again. After healing from my husband's death, I worked with online dating coach Julie Spira, who gave me the confidence and tools for dating online. I signed up for the "Totally in Love" package, where Julie created my profile and held my hand along the way. Within a week I met someone who I really liked. I became optimistic about finding love again. A few months later, I was pleasantly surprised as I fell in love with my Soul Mate.
I'm getting married to this amazing woman (Yes three time's a charm). I couldn't have done this without Julie's sage advice.
Santa Monica
Julie Spira - you are AMAZING!!! The inbox is flooding, the chat requests keep coming, and likes and faves are new everyday - every moment....thank you, thank you, thank you for the magical work that you do!!!! You are definitely a best seller in my book!!! Love you!!"
Los Angeles
Julie's dating advice has changed my life and led to dozens and dozens of dates and now I'm happily married to the man I met on Match.
New York
There has been quite an improvement in my dating life thanks to my new profile.  I have had lots of hits and I find that the quality of the men is much better since Julie helped me.  Men ask me specific questions about my unique profile now unlike before. Thank you Julie!
New York
After the end of a long marriage and with two children, I knew very little about online dating. I signed up for the "Digital Matchmaker" VIP plan, where Julie's advice and support were critical in helping me create honest and appealing profiles for online dating and mobile dating apps. She held my hand along the way for months and helped me initiate conversations with guys, taught me how to communicate with men who responded or reached out to me, and even helped me decide what to wear and where to go on dates! Julie has been a huge boon to my successful re-entry into dating. Thank you Julie!
Los Angeles

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