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Dating Advice – Why Her First boyfriend Probably Isn’t ?the one?

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The excitement of a first love or first crush can make your emotions fly high, hormones hit the roof, and create a feeling of overall happiness. However, in your early 20s, it’s more likely that it’s the first of many new relationships.

Read my dating advice for Dara who met her first boyfriend online.

Dear Julie:

I?m a very inexperienced 23-year-old and I?ve never had a boyfriend, until now. I joined about two weeks ago and met a really great guy.

We chat almost everyday, exchange calls, and even met up a few times. He is kind, respectful, and gives me as much space as I need, but lately things have become quite intimate and I think I might be developing some serious feelings.

My question is; am I rushing into things? Should I try meeting other guys to see what else is out there? I?ve felt so happy since I met him, but then I?m not used to getting attention from men so is it because of him or the attention?


Hi Dara,

Congratulations on meeting a quality guy online. At 23-years old, you are aware that you are not very experienced with men. Chatting with your new beau almost every day after only a few weeks of dating is a good sign that you are developing a relationship.

What kind of relationship? It?s too soon for anyone at any age to know after two weeks. It?s important to know that when a woman becomes intimate with a man, she automatically bonds to him.

The chemicals are released and you might even feel like you love this man early on. If you have serious feelings for him and the feelings are mutual, just enjoy it. He has all of the qualities of a dream guy so far. Unless you have the conversation about being exclusive, assume you are not.

By dating other men, it will help keep this new relationship in perspective. If you both decide together to retire your online dating profiles, then you will need to focus on this relationship and treat him the way you want to be treated.

Enjoying the honeymoon phase of a new relationship and see where it goes. Don?t put too expectations on the relationship and hope that he is as happy as you are.

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1 thought on “Dating Advice – Why Her First boyfriend Probably Isn’t ?the one?”

  1. I don’t know if I completely agree with the expert here. I think that if you and the guy both have strong feelings for each other then go with it. I don’t think you should think about dating other men unless you have a reason to. Right now you seem happy with the guy you are with so why change that?

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