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Romance Month Giveaway – 15 Magic Minutes

15 Magic MinutesIt’s National Romance Awareness Month and we’re celebrating the whole month of August with giveaways, contests, and special offers to help you while looking for love online.

From August 19-31, 20 lucky singles will have the chance to win the Cyber-Dating Expert 15 Magic Minutes service completely free.

That’s right! Do you have a burning question about your love life, did you have a bad date last night? Confused about his or her text messages? Have a bit of a bump on the road in your relationship? All these questions and more will be answered by Julie Spira, the country’s top online dating expert and digital matchmaker.

Enter here for your chance to speak to Julie via phone or Skype. This offer is valid in the United States and Canada for singles and couples 21+.

ENTER HERE for Romance Month – 15 Magic Minutes giveaway

15 Magic Minutes – Ask Me Anything

15 Magic MinutesAre you nervous about Valentine?s Day? Have a burning relationship question that needs to be answered?

Now?s your chance to Ask the Cyber Dating Expert absolutely anything!

In honor of Valentine?s, I?m opening up my private phone line to help you through the sexiest and most romantically challenged weekend of the year for only $27!

A VERY limited number of lucky singles who take advantage of this opportunity to get some love advice ?for only $27!

From questions like should you accept a last minute date to what should you wear on Valentine?s Day, spend 15 MAGIC MINUTES with Julie Spira, a worldwide expert in online dating this Valentine?s.

Have a burning relationship question? Concerned about what to give for a Valentine?s gift?

Not sure which profile photo should be your primary shot?

Wondering why he hasn?t called you back?

Not sure if you should make the first move? Should you text that cute guy back who won?t pick up the phone and call?

For a limited time only through Valentine’s Day,?you?ll have a private phone or SKYPE date to help you get ready for Valentine’s.

This is a VERY Limited Offer and WILL SELL OUT!. ORDER your 15 Magic Minutes with Julie Spira for ONLY $27 NOW.