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3 First-Date Mistakes You Should Never Make

First Date Infographic

Our friends at We Love Dates released an Infographic that would make any online dater pause and take a look. We?re happy to include a special guest post from them with dating and relationship tips to help prevent you from making some first date mistakes when you finally meet someone you truly do like.

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Have you ever come home after a first date that you thought went well, only to never hear from him or her again?? It’s pretty safe to say that you have. There will always be much left to the unknown when it comes to first dates (that’s partly what makes them so exciting) here are a few first date mistakes that you might not even know you’ve made…until your phone stops ringing.

1.? Don’t Assume There Is Going To Be a Second Date

First dates are your one chance to make a lasting first impression. Don’t count on future opportunities. Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind and own it.? In addition, don’t make plans for the future, especially if the feelings aren?t mutual. Avoid conversations such as, ?We should do that, let’s go there, we should plan it…? Let second dates evolve naturally.

2.? Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

Remind yourself that this person is, quite literally, a virtual stranger.? There is no need to share your every thought and feeling with them, or spill the messy details of your last break-up. Forget bringing up the latest drama of your girlfriends. He really doesn?t want to know. Remember to keep it light and easy when you first meet.

3.? Don’t Drag It On

If you see there?s no chemistry in the first 15-minutes of your date, why drag it on for another hour-or-two? Keep the date brief as a meet-and-greet. Thank your date for taking the time to meet and move on.

Have you ever made any first date mistakes that you regret? We?d like to hear your stories.

This dating advice post was contributed by We Love Dates. View their infographic here: first date survival guide infographic.

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The Love Hypnotist on Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show

Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show

Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert

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You’ll hear about how self-hypnosis can help change your thought patterns and how easy it really is to do. You’ll find out how to get that “hypno-glow.”

If you find yourself constantly drawn to the same type of women or men over and over again, and realize that it isn’t working for you, listen to Debra’s relationship advice. This includes thinking about 3 positive things about yourself that you want to be on your first date.

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