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Top Online Dating Profile Words in U.S.

Online Dating Profile WordsWhat do you learn from joining 21 online dating sites? This in-depth study of a list of the top online dating profile words used by single daters in major cities in the U.S.  was a huge project to take on.

In Business Insider, writer Dana Varinsky details the research from artist, composer, professor of digital media and now a well-versed online dater R. Luke Dubois to highlight the top dating profile words in ten cities. Varinsky downloaded 19 million dating profiles, so we know he didn’t go on a dating frenzy, but the results of his research are a digital eye-opener.

So if you’re planning on changing your zip code, check this article out.

Varinsky downloaded dating profiles and created graphs of the following cities:

  • Los Angeles, CA – Lingerie, Booty, Spanking, Screenwriter
  • Washington, DC – Paraguay, Estonia, Kashmiri, Political, Journalist, Socially
  • Boston, MA – People, Drinks, Laugh, Sox
  • New York, NY – Now, Taxi, Photography, Brunch, Hipsters, Urbane, DJ,
  • Houston, TX – Rich
  • San Francisco, CA – Bisexual, Homosexual, Lesbian, Queer, Robot, Digitized
  • Detroit, MI – Automotive, Machine, GM, Graduating, Companionship, Dope
  • Anchorage, AK – Outdoorsy, Nippy, Berries, Corsair
  • Jackson, MS – Conservative, Cornbread, Baptist
  • Chicago, IL – Companionate, Gravitated

According to Business Insider, Dubois used 10 computers and took three months to compile his data in a project called, “A More Perfect Union.”  In essence, he created his own online dating version of singles based using keywords from profiles instead of the cities in the U.S. Census report.

While some of these might not surprise you, others might just make you want to change your zip code.

Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating and Mobile Dating Expert. She was an early adopter of Internet dating and has been coaching singles on finding love online for two decades. Julie’s the author of the bestseller The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online and creates Irresistible Profiles for singles on the dating scene.

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The Rolling Stones – You Made a Grown Girl Smile

Mick Jagger and Gwen Stefani - Los Angeles

Mick Jagger and Gwen Stefani – Los Angeles

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my whereabouts in “Where’s Julie,” but it was a date night to remember that I wanted to share with you.

As a Rolling Stones fan who has seen the world’s greatest rock and roll bank in concert over 40 times, I was super-excited to have great seats for the kick-off of their “50 and Counting” anniversary world tour, which started in Los Angeles.

On Friday night at the Staples Center, even with the controversy of the overpriced tickets, I was treated to two hours and twenty minutes of solid rock and roll and another memory that will remain in my heart and soul forever.

As a former music radio DJ, I’ve had the unique experience of meeting the band, seeing them perform for four decades spanning three countries, I couldn’t miss this historical event, even as I wondered if it would be my last time.

Speculation was abuzz all week long as to who the surprise guests would be. After all, this is Los Angeles. If Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga showed up in New York, someone could easily hop on stage from the audience to add to the harmonies on a tune or two.

Prior to the show, Keith Urban tweeted to his 770,000 fans:

Keith Urban - Rolling Stones




Urban sang to the song “Respectable” from their Some Girls album. The snippet of the video clip from his performance was posted to his twitter page and can be found here.

We also knew prior to show time that Gwen Stefani would be making a guest appearance and we were treated to her accompaniment on “Wild Horses.”

The show started an hour late, possibly due to the late arrival of Jack Nicholson, a regular at the venue during the Lakers Games. Nicholson received a standing ovation as he made his way to the front of the stage area.

Shortly there after, the UCLA Bruins Marching Band arrived for an introduction to “Satisfaction.” Then one of the greatest shows began.

In a stage designed with their signature tongue, we were treated to 23 songs and a few memorable quotes:

  • “The only reason we’re here is to make the Laker’s look younger.” ~Mick Jagger (referring to the concert date change due to the NBA Playoff’s)
  • “It’s great to be here. It’s great to be anywhere.” ~Keith Richards
  • “Good evening L.A. Or is it really Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Santa Monica?” ~ Mick Jagger (referring to the high-priced tickets)
  • “It’s either us or the Lakers, so now you’ve got us.? It doesn’t matter to Jack Nicholson because he was coming to both of them.” (Jagger’s apology for the date change).
  • “We first played LA in 1965. Thank you for coming to see us. We really appreciate it.”

Jagger ran around the stage like a Mexican jumping bean causing anyone in their 60s and 70s to feel a bit jealous of his energy.

There wasn’t a fan in the crowd, who didn’t feel completely satisfied from seeing the world’s greatest rock and roll band.”

Set list.

1. Get Off of My Cloud
2. The Last Time
3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’Roll
4. Paint it Black
5. Gimme Shelter
6. Wild Horses (with Gwen Stefani)
7. Factory Girl
8. Emotional Rescue.
9. Respectable (with Keith Urban)
10. Doom and Gloom
11. One More Shot
12. Honky Tonk women
13. Before They Make Me Run
14. Happy
15. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
16. Miss You
17. Start Me Up
18. Tumbling Dice
19. Brown Sugar
20. Sympathy for the Devil
21. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Cal State Long Beach Chamber Cole Conservatory Choir)
22. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
23. Satisfaction

LA Times – Finding the Right Online Dating Service

Online dating has become a very HOT topic.

The Los Angeles Times featured a story on how to find the right online dating service which appeared in the IMAGE section.

In the article, Mark Brooks from Online Personals Watch called the Internet the world’s largest bar. I have to agree here.

Read my expert dating advice in the cover story of the Valentine’s edition of ?Los Angeles Times.

“EHarmony has [about 250] questions in their questionnaire,” says Julie Spira of CyberDatingExpert.com and author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.” “Anyone who signs up with eHarmony is truly serious about having a relationship with someone.”

Industry experts Brooks and Spira also praise GPS-based mobile applications like Skout and Foursquare that let users find out what people are doing and where they are so they can join the party at the bar or restaurant and meet new people.

For those who want to approximate a real in-person date before spending time and money on what might very well be an awkward first date, CyberDatingExpert.com’s Spira says to look to webcams.

“People are so conditioned on the first date to be disappointed that you don’t look like your photo,” she explains. She lists Speeddate.com or WooMe.com, both meet-via-webcam sites with younger clienteles, as success stories because their users tend to be less inhibited and quick learners of the software platform. “With video, what you see is what you get. But the older people in their 40s and 50s aren’t taking the time to do videos. You’re just getting them to join online dating for the first time so it’s like baby steps.”

Virtual sites, such as Second Life, OmniDate.com and Weopia.com, or even gaming sites, such as World of Warcraft (where romances have sometimes sparked between members of the gamers’ playing guilds), are perfect for those who are “gadget oriented” but also add another layer of anonymity, Spira says ? something that can be a pro or a con. She says that virtual daters should get real pictures of their suitors before getting too serious.

Spira says it’s also common for online daters to be on several dating sites at once, at least one of which is free. But there might be a lot of abandoned profiles on free sites because “if you are paying $50 a month for an online dating site, you’re going to pay more attention to those e-mails. It’s economics.”

Click here to read full article on the Los Angeles Times

Stepping Up in the City

Photo Credit: Step Up Women's Network

Photo Credit: Step Up Women's Network

It was the first holiday party of the season, where Step Up Women’s Network hosted their annual membership get together hosted by Wolfgang Puck Catering at the Pacific Design Center on November 18, 2009.

More than 1000 members registered for the cocktails, social networking, and philanthropy event where they served signature drinks called the StepTini and and the Luminary Limba, in honor of their highest level membership.

The event hosts included Lisa Lee and Leslie Ann Warren and the Keynote speech was delivered by Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson who quoted Oprah Winfrey numerous times. Robinson just published her first book, Exactly As I Am: Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice with Today’s Girls on What It Takes to Believe in Yourself

Julie Spira and Board Member Jaclyn Mullen

Julie Spira and Board Member Jaclyn Mullen

Guests who renewed their membership or upgraded received a VIP Goody bag so enticing, that it was worth attending just to get the Sports Club LA Free one month membership.

The evening before the festive event, Step Up celebrated Stepping Up in the City with their New York chapter members at M2 Ultra Lounge where the Keynote Speaker was Fern Mallis, senior vp IPG Fashion, widely credited as the creator of Fashion Week in New York City.

Julie Spira is a writer, dating coach, and bestselling author of the online dating book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Visit her at CyberDatingExpert.com