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ABC News – How to Find Love on Facebook

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ABC News

In a Valentine’s story by ABC News, I was interviewed as to why people are finding love on Facebook with a nice mention of our Cyber Love Story of the Week feature.

“Facebook provides a friendly place for people to engage in conversation, reflect on their past memories and reunite with people they may [have] lost touch with,” said Julie Spira, cyber-dating expert and author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.” “People feel more comfortable in reaching out on Facebook because they don’t run the risk of rejection that they might get on a phone call.

On her Web site, Spira features a “Cyber Love Story of the Week” and said that all kinds of circumstances have helped couples find love on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites not dedicated to dating.

One couple started dating, and ultimately tied the knot, after realizing on Facebook that they share a name.

Out of curiosity, Kelly Hildebrandt, a 20-something female from Florida, searched Facebook for her name. When she found Kelly Hildebrandt, a 20-something male from Texas, she sent him a note.

The two started corresponding over Facebook, he flew out to visit her and eight months later, he proposed.

Facebook Helps New Acquaintances Build Relationships

Spira said social networks also provide places for new acquaintances to become better friends.

“Quite often you will meet someone at a party or business networking event, exchange cards, and become Facebook friends,” she said. Status updates, pictures and comments on a member’s profile give people clues about a potential partner’s dating status.

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