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Bruce Juice – A Jersey Girl’s Review of Springsteen and the E Street Band


Bruce Springsteen in Concert
Bruce Springsteen in Concert

As a former rock ‘n’ roll DJ, I used to enjoy playing Bruce Springsteen regularly on the radio. Also, being a native from New Jersey, my passion for music from the boss is probably greater than most. I still recall those days playing Sprinsteen songs on the radio where I would happily announce, “Another set of Bruce Juice.” Serious Sprinsteen fans knew exactly what they would be getting.

The anticipation of seeing Bruce Springsteen again at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles was on my mind for weeks. I couldn’t decide whether to attend the opening night performance, or the closing night performance. Naturally, the decision was made that I needed to go on both nights to celebrate Bruce Sprinsteen’s visit to Los Angeles.?

I have seen Bruce in concert about twenty five times. Less than the Rolling Stones, but more often than The Who. I joined The Sprinsteen fan club on Facebook and checked out the set lists on where details and highlights of his previous shows on the tour were displayed. Like others, I ?enjoyed all that today’s social networking sites offered, including video clips of the the 2009 E Street Band Tour which started in Asbury Park, NJ in March and will end in Santiago, Spain in August.?

Still, even though he has performed for the last five years straight, I welcomed him to Los Angeles as if it was a brand new experience.

The boss didn’t let his fans down. He opened the set with Badlands to a sold-out crowd and performed for two hours and fourty-five minutes. The crowd especially enjoyed?Outlaw Pete from his latest album?Working on a Dream. The encore began with Born to Run?and concluded with Rosalita. My favorite selection was Spirit in the Night from one of my favorite albums, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.

Bruce jumped into the crowd several times and took written requests from the audience. It was truly an interactive evening with many of us tweeting the details on our BlackBerrys and iPhones to share his song sets with those less fortunate who could not attend.

The drive home was enjoyable as well as 95.5 KLOS replayed many of the songs that Bruce and the E Street Band performed on stage. Am I looking forward to the closing night show? Of course! You just can’t get enough of that Bruce Juice.

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