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California Women’s Conference



?Every year in the State of California, the first lady hosts an amazing conference that a select 11,000 women have the opportunity to attend. The conference, now hosted by Maria Shriver, sells out within minutes. On October 22, 2008, I will be among those lucky women once attending the most inspiring event in the country for all women.

I have been fortunate to have attended this conference for the last several years and I am once again attending with my friend Karin, who I met at the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women seminar a few years ago.

The theme for this event is called “We Empower Women to be the Architects of Change.” Even if you can?t be in the room, you can listen to the live webcast of the conference at This is an inspiring event for women all across the country or the world. You don?t need to be a California native to benefit from the inspiration.

Previous speakers of the Women?s Conference, formerly called the Governor?s Conference for Women, have included Oprah Winfrey, The Dali Lama, and Tony Blair. Last year I recalled singing “Kumbaya” with strangers holding hands as Joan Baez ended the event. One year while feeling sorry for myself when going through my divorce, I sat in a room with Hurricane Katrina victims sobbing about how they lost everything. I quickly stopped feeling sorry for myself and moved forward with my life.

This year I am already looking forward to hearing former Secretary of State Madelaine Albright, U2?s Bono, Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance, Warren Buffet, Gloria Steinhem, and the finale with Bonnie Raitt singing at the end of an inspirational day.

For those of you who were unable to get tickets, or do not live in California, the website will be providing feeds from these inspiring people. You can go to for more information.

I?ll see you in Long Beach!



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