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CyberDating Expert Weekly Tip: How to find a Catchy Screen Name

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This week’s Cyber-Dating Weekly Tip is high on my list. It’s time to find a catchy screen name. It’s one of the most important parts of your online dating profile. Along with the perfect photo, a name that is flirty and catchy can possibly reel in a compatible date or mate.

It’s important to have a name that isn’t too generic and one that will pique the curiosity of someone browsing through hundreds of profiles. If you select a name such “MusicLover” or “Art Lover” it gives someone who is viewing your profile the opportunity to ask you questions such as “What is your favorite band or artist?”

Avoid generic names with the assigned number from your online dating site and think about your favorite travel spot, hobbies you enjoy, and something that describes your personality.

Finding a way to make it easy for a man to approach you and engage in conversation is key to your success in online dating. Keep a little mystery to give something to talk about when you graduate to a phone call or a date in real life.

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