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Dating Advice – Help, Did I get moved to the friend zone?

Cyberdating Expert Julie Spira at BlogworldDear Cyber-Dating Expert,

I have a few questions about the girl I’m talking to.

I’ve been talking to this girl for almost 2 months now and everything was going perfect. She was texting me first and I was texting her first. Also she even messaged me on a social site saying her phone broke and she was sorry.

So one night we ended are conversation because she had to get up early the next day so she said goodnight 馃檪 and I did the same. Then after that she didn’t text me again, so I initiated conversation after 2 days of not talking. The conversation we had was nothing like it was and she told me she’s been pretty busy lately. So then after that the same thing happened… There was nothing from her, so I texted her and again she said she’s been busy. So I asked if there was anything I did to upset her and she said no not at all she’s just been really busy and that were still gonna be friends even if we don’t text all the time. So what my real question is, is that have I been friendzoned? Please help!

Dear Friend Zoned Guy,

It appears that you projected to the future with this girl and considered her your girlfriend, when all you had was a digital pen-pal and a texting relationship.

Texting is becoming the most popular way for singles to communicate. It’s fun, flirty, and less threatening than talking about your real feelings in real life.

What you have my friend is something we call a “Flirtation.” It’s that period where you have a fun and flirty relationship with someone, but they aren’t your steady girlfriend or boyfriend. When you’re getting brushed off with excuses that she’s been busy, it’s her way of politely letting you know she isn’t interested, but wants to keep the door open. Just like men like to be with a confident woman, women like to be with guys who don’t appear needy. I say take a break from your texting pal and stop chasing her. You didn’t get moved to the friend zone. It’s where you’ve been the whole time. She’s set the digital rules here that you won’t be texting all the time, but will still be friends. It’s time to believe her and find someone who truly wants a relationship.

Keep us posted.

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.

Cyber-Dating Expert Julie Spira

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