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Happy New Monday


It was the first meeting of the New Year for the members of An Empowered Woman, where the theme was appropriatetly titled, “Yes, You Can!” With the historical presidential inauguration only a week a way, we heard inspiring stories from women who started their lives over and reached high to achieve and exceed goals that seemed unimaginable to them years earlier.

Before we heard the stories, Desiree Doubroux, founder of An Empowered Woman, asked each of us each to commit to taking action in our lives. We were forced to think about our new year’s resolutions and to make a habit of saying “Happy New Monday” every week, so I couldn’t let the day finish without sending my greeting to everyone.?

After Desiree’s inspirational introduction, four amazing women told their stories, including real estate agent, entrepreneur, and author Valerie Fitzgerald, who’s new book, ?Heart and Sold?(Simon & Schuster) will be coming out in May. We also heard from Georgia Durante, model, mafia wife, and stunt driver, who shared her numerous near-death experiences with us, as well ?as excerpts from her book, The Company She Keeps.

There were plenty of opportunities to shop in the boutique and mingle among friends as well as meet new ones in the new year. And, as a promise to Desiree, I wish you all, a Very Happy Monday. I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a fabulous year.

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