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How Much Do You Need to Know About Your Date [infographic]

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Looking up your internet dateRemember the scenario. Boy meets girl. Boy becomes attracted to girl. Girl gets infatuated and dreams about their future. They go on a movie date and hold hands. He takes her home to meet his family. They fall in love and get married. And then it’s “Happily Ever After.” ~ The End.

Gone are the days where you can fully rely on falling in love at first sight from across a crowded room. I know it can happen, as I was one of those rare people who experienced this magical love. More often-than-not, it happens in the movies and romance novels.

So here we are with online dating being a part of most single’s lives. Everyone seems to know someone who has met their significant other or spouse online. I often talk about online dating safety as you don’t know who you’re meeting from behind the keyboard. I’ve met married men who propose to single women regularly. I know women who lie about their age by ten years. It’s much easier to hide and idealize about who you’d like to be someday in your profile or write up a bio that would describe what you believe your dream girl will be attracted to.

As an online dating expert and coach, I believe in truth-in-advertising. After all, once you meet in person, if you’ve lied about some obvious things in your profile, it will be a bad experience for everyone involved.

Doing a simple Google check if your date’s name isn’t a very common one isn’t a bad idea. Telling your date you did a background check on them before you met in person is a terrible way to start a relationship.

However, this latest infographic will show you some of the typical lies you might observe while looking for love online , along with a few ways to get some deeper information if you feel the need to.

Looking Up Your Internet Date
Presented By: BackgroundCheck.org

Would you do a background check on a date to feel safer?

Wishing you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.

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